A Kiwi Caching Maniac

Hear, hear to South Island geocacher Raymond Lum, star of the latest episode from American podcast Cache-A-Maniacs.

The Cromwell resident (GC handle: sting1606) submitted his own name for the October 1st show, emailing hosts DarrylW4 and Firefly03 to express his interest in being interviewing.

That effort paid off, with Lum being only the second Kiwi to participate – after Geocachers NZ webstore owners Kevin and Catherine Swain (GC handle: Kevs_Team), who were interviewed in August, just weeks before they relocated from Auckland to Australia.

During his candid, 18-minute chat, Lum tells listeners via Google+ about his GPSr device, his favourite caches, hobbies and movies, all the while plugging the Central Otago region and New Zealand.

He was so excited about his impending stardom that he contacted It’s Not About The Numbers soon after the September 16th taping to make sure we would be listening.

Cache-A-Maniacs began its podcast from Troy, Michigan in December 2006 with the aim of producing a monthly, if not weekly, show that would unite geo-addicts. Since then, it has featured more than 200 players – including Lum for episode 238.

* Take a listen for yourself at the podcast’s website or download any show for free from iTunes.



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