Nano Bites – 7th October 2011

We don’t have enough time to post on all the things that happen in the geocaching world each week so we’ve decided to produce Nano Bites, a weekly summary of all the interesting geocaching news online.


Opencaching (.com) give another indication that they are desperate for more caches by having Opie bribe with even more prizes.

The mother-ship (Latitude 47) blogs a heart tugging story of a cache dedicated to man’s best friend.

Rich at GPSTracklog has some screenshots from a new Etrex 20 he has been playing with…Cumbyrocks is jealous! The top 10 GPS units for the month also has the Montana making a big move for the first time.

HeadHardHat shows that even old age won’t prevent all your gear being trackable!

The new Mad Cacher team go, like, totally girly with a handmade geocaching jewelry special after proving their manliness in the Tough Mudder Norcal.

Geocass shows shes got what it takes to be a well rounded cacher.

The Online Geocacher goes extreme geoaching with Sniperchicken.


The Podcacher show, #339, answers a number of listener questions as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Cache-a-maniacs interview Kiwi cacher Sting1606.

On The Forums

A debate has sparked up about whether GC.com’s Challenges are flying or dying and another looking at the amusing (?) situation of people logging Challenges as complete when they haven’t!

And over at Opencaching.COM they lament not being able to list events.


The Geocaching Vlogger shows how to bury your kids while caching…but we all want to know if he left them there?

Geocache Spoilers finds a sneaky urban phonebox cache


 Something missing? Feel free to add a link in the comments below. 



  1. GSV

    So from a Regular, full-of-interesting-things package to a Nano listing with just logs/links. Et tu, Cumby?


    1. Cumbyrocks

      Oh ye of little faith GSV! I see INATN as a big cache logbook, with all the longer, interesting posts displayed in all their glory. Nano Bites can be considered the more simple logs, the TFTC ones. This way we all get to enjoy the super-sized, swag filled cache that is INATN!!! 😉

      1. Cumbyrocks

        And I should add that Nano Bites is in addition to our regular content, not in place of it!

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