Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies

Sad news today that the founder and creative genius behind Apple – Steve Jobs – has died at the age of 56.

Much will be said about the impact his vision has had on our lives and it is easy to see how with the various i-toys. It is less clear whether Steve and Apple have been directly influential in the world of geocaching.

In my opinion, the introduction of the iPhone, with all its annoying user simplicity, has made smartphones not only accessible to the masses but fashionable as well. This has likely assisted the numbers of muggles finding out about geocaching and then also allowing them to take part. The Apple iPhone 4 is one of the most reviewed GPS units at Geocaching.com, so there can be no doubt that it is a major part of our game.

For those wanting to pass on their thoughts and memories about Steve, you can visit a site that Apple have set up in his memory.



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  1. kjwx

    Brother dearest, I MUST disagree. I think Apple/Jobs’ direct influence on geocaching is well documented – just look at GC.com, where 42,000+ users list the iPhone as their GPSr of choice, compared to the Oregon 450’s stats of just under 15,000 or those of the Etrex at almost 28,700. And that’s just amongst those users who have specified their devices.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      There might be many iPhone reviews darling sis, but how many of them actually reference or acknowledge Steve Jobs role in this? None. Therefore his influence on the Geocaching community is not well documented. :p

  2. Ian McGlynn on Facebook

    So that would explain the plauge of bad coords on hides that were hidden by using the iPhone… I love apple devices, I am saddened to see him go, but there is a huge difference between GPS and cell phone signals.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Too true. Blackberries are the only phone fruit suitable for caching! 😀

      1. Papa

        Yawn 😉

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