Are You A Mensa Geocacher?


You don’t have to be a genius to geocache but some extra brainpower may help if you want to try a new British series placed by Mensa.

To celebrate its 65th anniversary on October 1st, the self-described “high IQ society” is promoting itself through GC.com with the placement of 12 caches across Britain – the birthplace of Mensa.

Each ‘Mensa Brilliant Day’ hide features a unique password that grants the finder entry into a draw for a hand-crafted Cryptex security box – the circular puzzle container solved by Tom Hanks’ character in Dan Brown’s blockbuster The Da Vinci Code – once they’ve completed five brainteasers.


All of the traditional caches are under the care of Mensa geocachers and also include FTF certificates, badges and Mensa bookmarks.

According to the organisation’s ‘Mensa Joins The Worldwide Geocaching Phenomenon’ press release:

Here in the UK we are putting on a series of talks and lectures and for a wider audience we have teamed up with Geocaching.com to create a nationwide series of caches.

“Geocaching is a great activity that will get you out into the big outdoors. It’s also an ideal way of getting your children away from their indoor pursuits as it involves walking and finding caches. It’s a healthy activity that is therefore quite cost effective.

“A bonus can be that you will be taken to places of interest and beauty that are on your doorstep that you never even knew existed.”

The 65-year-old body was created in 1946 by English barrister Roland Berrill and scientist/lawyer Dr Lance Ware to provide stimulation for bright people.

Today, Mensa has 110,000 members internationally – including a British two-year-old – all of whom have demonstrated that their IQ is in the top two per centile.

However, its celebratory caches are open to Mensans and geocachers alike. To locate one near you, use the search term ‘Mensa Brilliant Day’ on GC.com.

Entries for the Cryptex competition close on November 30, 2011. For more details, visit Mensa’s British website.

*If international readers can figure out the entire puzzle without pulling out their hair or googling the answers, feel free to skite in the comments section below.


  1. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    Nah. I belong to the opposite group: “Densa”

  2. AdventureTharon

    Nah….. Geo caching is about co ords and a gps and running around out in nature, not sitting infront of a pc for half a day to find a cache!!!!!!!!

  3. Captain Caveman

    LOL… from the front page of the Mensa site: “Mensa Joins The National Geocaching Phenomum.” They can do clever sums, but their spelling sucks.

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