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I got well and truly trashed on Saturday … but it was for a good cause, GC33F40 Glenside CITO – A Capital Event (Wellington).

And I wasn’t alone.  More than 30 other Kiwi geocachers, aged two and up, gathered for this early-morning cleanup – only the second ever Cache In Trash Out held in the Wellington region – in the small Porirua community of Glenside.

Within two hours, we had removed dozens of bags of rubbish, ranging from rusty carparts and used painting equipment, to timber, broken beer bottles and old junkfood packets. Even a ripe sheep carcass was collected from the designated CITO zone, which stretched just a few hundred metres down one bank of Porirua Stream.

Event organiser Bryan Taylor (GC handle: Fozzmiester) says he was “completely blown away by how it all turned out”. “My expectations were exceeded by both the number of people in attendance, and the impact that has been made on the area.”

Rubbish bags, gloves and nametags awaited participants upon arrival at the Middleton Rd site, and once they had worked up a sweat, there was a chillybin of drinks and snacks.

Before Porirua City Council workers came to collect the small mountain of trash, Taylor rounded up the group for a photo session and to award spot prizes. It’s Not About The Numbers had sponsored two of these items, including a Garmin chirp won by waiiti20.

Attendees later endorsed the event wholeheartedly online, aptly summed up by Boxhill who wrote: “Who would have thought that picking up others people’s rubbish could be such fun?”

A new traditional cache, GC2YVND What A Load Of Rubbish, now commerates their collective efforts, and Taylor is already planning his next CITO event, which will be “more of a social cleanup rather than Saturday’s hardcore cleanup”.

“It may be along the lines of a fish’n chips/picnic catchup on the beach, after which everyone collects a bag of rubbish to take home.”

Sounds like another good excuse to me.



UPDATE: Community newspaper Kapi-Mana News featured Taylor’s event in its October 18 edition, calling the geocachers involved “GPS whizzes” and “tidy Kiwis”.

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