How Many Caches Can You Find?

While feeling a little bored this afternoon, I cooked up something to keep the kids entertained on our next caching trip. I thought I’d also share my puzzle here to see how many people can help GC.com mascot Signal find the ammo cans hidden within.

Click on the picture to open a larger version in a new tab …

Help Signal find all the ammo cans!

*Don’t forget to let us know how many ammo cans you spotted in the comments below!


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  1. kjwx


  2. ErikaJean

    I got 12 when I looked at it at first, then looked at the larger version for 13?

  3. GSV

    Yep, 13 for me as well.

    1. kjwx

      Dammit, yet again more proof that I can’t count. Good thing I became a wordsmith.

  4. Just hike


  5. Cumbyrocks

    There are 13 ammo cans if you count the one next to signal.

    Clearly the kids one is too easy for big people…I might have to get a little evil with the next one.

  6. Sue Bourgoin on Facebook


  7. Roy Hamilton

    I found 13.

  8. Glen

    Did anyone else see the alien head and shoulders? Just a little up from center. Or am I just crazy?

  9. Jill Walker on Facebook

    That alien was a replica of you Pete – hehehehe.

  10. Jill Walker on Facebook

    Or yes you are just crazy – hehehehe.

  11. Jill Walker on Facebook

    You are sure not sane like your mother and sister are.

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