It’s Not Just Cumbyrocks That Loves The Bad Elf


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Just in case you thought I was off on a smartphone-crazed Bad Elf love-fest of late, I thought I should point out this review of the GPS dongle by PocketGPSWorld.

Its article rated the Bad Elf 9 out of 10 satellites (I like that rating system! 🙂 ) and summed this gadget up quite nicely.

For those iOS owners with a non-GPS equipped device who are looking to add GPS, Bad Elf’s dongle works perfectly. Whilst it won’t be the answer for anyone wishing to use apps such as Google Maps that require access to mobile data, you can always use a MiFi or other mobile data terminal if you wished. I tested the dongle with Garmin, TomTom, NDrive and Memory-Map on an iPod Touch and all worked perfectly.

But this dongle also has benefits for owners of 3G, 3GS, iPad 1 and 2 and even the latest iPhone4 models as, in testing, it proved to be much more sensitive than the internal receivers in existing products, particularly so in the case of the 3G and 3GS whose receivers have been notoriously insensitive. It was very fast to acquire a first fix, often doing so in less than 20 seconds and rarely more than 30secs even when performing a cold start.

The flip side is that, as with all GPS devices, they are power hungry and so you should not expect to use this for more than a few hours unless you have some form of external power, either via power in your vehicle or an external battery pack. My iPhone4 managed three hours constant use running MotionX GPS with the Bad Elf GPS attached and pulling in map data over 3G. With careful use, WiFi/3G off and backlight reduced this could easily be stretched out to >4hrs.


Hat Tip: GPSTracklog


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