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Inspired by Munzee mania, one American player scanned his new hobby to find a way he could improve it.

Once a laminator was a Munzee fan’s best friend, now Jim Crane is.

The Thanks 4 The Hide blogger has created the first weather-safe, UV-resistant, plastic Munzee tags, offering a long-lasting alternative to the standard deployment method of this popular, new geo-location game.

Crane (Munzee handle: T4TH) began selling his product on September 1st, via announcements on his T4TH blog and Twitter, but it wasn’t till his wares were plugged by the game’s developers that business really took off.

Since then, he’s been churning out two sizes of his innovative tags – designed with mounting holes for easy deployment – to fellow Munzee players impressed by his ingenuity.

After signing up for his own Munzee account in late July, the Ohio resident noticed that the laminated QR codes used worldwide just weren’t up to scratch. “I own my own engraving business and had seen that the process of printing and laminating paper tags was something that could be improved on. Environmental conditions alone will break down the lamination through fogging up the plastic with UV rays. Moisture is another important degrading factor. The sun will also quickly bleach out the inks.”

With his experience in the graphic communications field, Crane soon came up with a solution.  “I didn’t try any other substrates – the weather-proof and UV-resistant plastic seemed to be the perfect fit.”

Munzee fans across the globe were quick to agree, and he says the overall response to his product has been great. “It’s interesting seeing the number of hits to the website and the interest it has generated. There have been various questions as to what is required in order to have these tags created. One common question is whether or not I need to obtain the player’s password to access their Munzee account in order to create the tags. The answer is absolutely not, and at no time should they provide this information to anyone.”

As to the actual manufacturing process, he says once a customer has created their QR code and emailed him the URL, he uploads the artwork into a computer program which cuts and engraves his plastic tags.


With nearly 7000 registered Munzee fans internationally, sales quickly skyrocketed – especially among the 1 x 2 inch Mini Munzee tag worth US$1.75, which Crane says is understandable “because it’s far more discreet”. His larger version measures 1.75″ x 2.75″ and retails for US$2.50, though discounts are available for bulk purchases in both sizes.

So far, he’s had orders from Australia, Britain, New Zealand and “here in the US”. And he’s planning to capitalise on his burgeoning success with variations to his tags, though all he will reveal for now is that an announcement will come shortly – “stay tuned! :)”

Also on the cards are items “other than tags”. “These products will be available on my Traditions Engraving website and will be specific to outdoor activities such as Munzee and GC. We are currently overhauling the engraving website and once it is ready, it will be announced and promoted on my blog and Twitter.”

Not surprisingly, Crane geocaches as well, signing logs with the same T4TH handle. “Munzee and GC have similarities and differences and I do enjoy both,” he says. “Munzee is just another family activity that we have come to enjoy. The combination of the outdoors and technology appeals to our family.

“Additionally, let me say that Munzee is such an awesome activity, and the developers really need to be recognised for the creation of an outstanding game. A click of the ‘Donate’ button on Munzee website is something we all should think about. I am not a spokesperson for Munzee, but I do recognise the unseen effort that goes into creating something so many of us enjoy.”

Courtesy of T4TH, It’s Not About The Numbers has three Mini tags and three Big tags to give away – that’s one of each size for three lucky winners. To enter, just tell us what T4TH stands for. Each set is worth US$4.25 (NZ$5.11). Entries must be received by 12pm on Thursday, September 15th. Usual INATN terms and conditions apply.

*To buy your own waterproof, plastic Munzee tags, visit Crane’s T4TH website


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  1. P.J. says:

    September 10, 2011 at 8:51 am

    It’s an interesting idea and probably better than laminated ones. There aren’t many in my area (I’ve put a couple Munzees out), so it’s not something that has caught on.

  2. kjwx says:

    September 16, 2011 at 12:25 am

    UPDATE: Congratulations to Gerard Hyland, Joe Acamo and Sarah Chisholm for each winning a set of two plastic Munzee tags from T4TH. An It’s Not About The Numbers representative will be in touch shortly to organise delivery of your prize.

  3. GSV says:

    September 16, 2011 at 9:53 am

    How very cool! Many thanks. 🙂

  4. Joseph M Acamo on Facebook says:

    September 25, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Just received the Munzee tags, great quality! Looking forward to deploying them soon. Thanks!!

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