Speaking Of Ground-Breaking Stuff …

Groundspeak’s moving on up in the world – or at least a little sideways.

And if the photograph above of the company’s new lobby is anything to judge by, its latest digs are pretty flash.

According to its Latitude 47 blog, about 60 lackeys spent last Tuesday packing up their desks and loading boxes to shift Groundspeak HQ – affectionately known as ‘The Lily Pad’ – about two blocks in the Seattle neighbourhood of Fremont.

“The move will not affect performance on Geocaching.com. Our new offices allow the team to grow so that we can enhance your geocaching experiences. We’d love for you to visit the new HQ. The move will only take a day. We’ll be back at work in the new offices tomorrow,” lackey Eric Schudiske posted on August 30th.

For president Jeremy Irish, that meant it was “time to pack the red stapler”.

The shift also affected the company’s GCK25B Groundspeak Headquarters cache, with new co-ordinates to be updated online soon.

However, what It’s Not About The Numbers really wants to know is whether Irish and co abided by GC.com’s 161-metre rule when selecting their new premises.

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