Groundspeak Block Party: Live From The Lily Pad

Washington’s Glen Silvers (GC handle: valleyAGs47) also volunteered to be our lackey at the Groundspeak Block Party. He reports:

“This event was truly not about the numbers; this was a celebration of the geocaching community. The new Lily pad is in a unique part of Seattle called Fremont, sitting below the I-5 and Fremont St bridges. The area houses offices for Google, Adobe and, of course, Groundspeak. There is a troll who watches over the area – GC11HRQ Troll’s Lair – just don’t drive a Volkswagen Beetle anywhere near it.

“I went to the Block Party with my muggle wife and two daughters, making it a true family event. I knew we were in the right area because more than half the vehicles in the parking lot had travel bugs attached (including my own TB3GXYY). There were hundreds of cachers to be seen, and trackables everywhere you turned. Trackable hats, shirts, nametags, dogs, dog tags, tattoos, walking sticks and even a trackable on a wheelchair.

“Also present in substantial numbers were the celebrity cachers – if I have heard of them, they are ‘famous’ – Moun10bike; The Bad Cop, who was taping his Caching in the Northwest podcast; and lackeys galore. I was looking at one man and knew I had met him before, in a FTF hoard perhaps or another event. His caching name is towtrkdug; does this ring any bells? He has been featured on several Latitude 47 videos. I overheard some other cachers whispering and pointing that f0t0m0m, who has more than 30,000 finds, was ‘right there’.

“Can’t forget the fan favorite, Signal the frog, though. Nor the main man, Jeremy Irish. I was able to shake his hand and tell him what a great job he is doing. He was genuinely sincere and said ‘Thank you’, adding ‘this would not be possible if it were not for the cachers like you’. He then slipped me the new Jeremy Irish trackable.

“I spoke with several lackeys, including one who is Groundspeak’s videographer – though I don’t remember her name. Although she was taping the event, we discussed her travels to Germany and Europe. And when I asked if she liked her job, she replied: ‘I don’t like my job, I LOVE my job.’

“Another lackey was in the dunk tank yelling insults like ‘You have a weenie arm! Your caches are lame!’ SPLASH! It seemed to me that everyone who worked at the Lily Pad loved it. Any openings?

“After we signed the logs (our Northwest Triad is now complete) and took pictures, it was off to the challenges. This was difficult for me because I handed over my trusty Etrex to my wife. ‘Why are you going this way?’ Dirty look. ‘It’s over here.’ Dirty look. So like all smart husbands, I shut up and let her run the show.

“Say what you want about challenges but they are perfect for events. We rode scooters, cracked cocoa beans, checked out the troll museum, bottled water and solved a flag puzzle. We also found some nearby caches with huge groups of people. At one cache, I never saw the hiding spot; just signed the log and passed it on down the line. I didn’t mind, though; I was busy chatting with an Australian cacher (the one with the inflatable kangaroo).

“Bottom-line, this event was great. Anytime you can gather this many people, with one common interest, only good things will happen. Job well done, Groundspeak.”

*Visit our Facebook page to see more of Silvers’ Groundspeak Block Party photos.



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