Jeremy From The Block

Yes, that is Groundspeak boss Jeremy Irish …


And, yes, he’s obviously got a sense of humour, though he’s welcome to be the poster blogger for It’s Not About The Numbers anytime (Ditto Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord).

Both videos clips were captured by American geocacher Theresa Wines (GC handle: Three Bottles) at the company’s recent Block Party held outside its HQ in Seattle’s Fremont district. Wines, aka Tree, was one of two local geocachers covering the event – held on the first-ever International Geocaching Day – for us.

In between negotiating the thousands of geo-fans, trying to dunk Groundspeak’s founders and lackeys in a water tank, racing zucchinis and signing the giant logbook for GC2FYVM, she still managed to snap these memorable images. You can see more of her work on our Facebook page.

“I would sum up the day as beautiful weather, a lot of activities for all ages and abilities. The lackeys were especially approachable and generous with their time, and there were smiles all around.  I enjoyed meeting new cachers and bumping into caching friends I don’t often see, and I enjoyed being ‘on assignment’ and taking pictures for It’s Not About The Numbers,” she said.

According to Groundspeak’s own Latitude 47 blog:

Nearly two thousand geocachers travelled from around the world to attend the event. Sunshine welcomed fans of the hi-tech GPS-based treasure hunt to a plaza outside the future Groundspeak Headquarters.

Block Party  attendees explored the neighbourhood around Groundspeak Headquarters by completing “Fremont Challenges”, socialised while filling out their Geocacher Bingo sheets, plunged Groundspeak lackeys and reviewers into a dunk tank, and pinned the antenna on Signal. Geocachers could also test their skill at beginner, intermediate and advanced geocaching courses.”

Come visit us next year for even more surprises! The best advice is to plan ahead. The Geocaching Block Party 2012 occurs on International Geocaching Day each year. It’s the third Saturday of August. Next year all the lackeys would love to see you at the Geocaching Block Party on August 18, 2012.”

But this August 20th wasn’t just about those attending the landmark  celebration, every geocacher who logged a hide that day was rewarded with a new souvenir image on GC.com.

*If you were also at Groundspeak’s Block Party, tell us what you thought of the day in the comments below.

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  1. AndrewRJ

    The young cacher in the University of Washington shirt is the youngest of Shaggy, Scooby and Velma. He is the local Travel Bug magnet having handled over 20,000.

    He is probibly reaching for one in that photo. 🙂

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