Fairytale Start To New Geocache Challenges

Have you kissed a frog yet?

And I don’t mean in the fairytale┬á‘turn him into a prince’ way but so you can claim Groundspeak’s first-ever challenge.

Since the new system went live early this morning (New Zealand time), 819 geocachers had accepted the Seattle company’s Kiss A Frog worldwide photo challenge, with 410 having already completed the task – though those numbers were rising by the second.

According to the challenge instructions: “This can be a real frog, a fake frog, or even someone named ‘Frog’. Use your imagination!”

Some players used soft toys, others real frogs, while non-amphibian-friendly cachers opted to upload a photo to their phones or computers to peck.

At the same time, dozens of new challenges were being uploaded to the system and completed – including Tweet Your Twitters in Chicago, in which you have to show a screenshot of a pro-geocaching tweet; Find A Geocache in Saratoga Springs, New York; and Sleeping from Amsterdam, which requires an uploaded image of a sleeping animal.

Although Groundspeak’s new take on the old ‘Locationless caches’ has had its detractors over the last week, the number of geocachers embracing these challenges seems high – though the voting system attached to its Kiss A Frog task currently has those in favour of the new system level-pegged with those against at 99 to 91 respectively.

Personally, I’m in favour of the new scheme if properly policed by the geo-community and look forward to seeing what else Groundspeak has up its sleeve. Today the novelty factor is HUGE, with every man and his frog wanting to be among the first to complete or post a new challenge, but over time I suspect the quality of tasks being created by Premium members will rise dramatically if the system is to survive long-term. Until then, I’m quite happy for any completed challenge smileys to be kept separate from my geocache finds total.

Must dash now, I’ve gotta go catch a frog …


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  1. Keith Lane on Facebook

    Having problems logging the completed challenge, it won’t let me finish.

  2. Eddie

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but at this stage it’s all a bit of a mess – All of those three new challenges you listed have been archived already (I find it hilarious that a challenge was created to ‘find a cache’!!), and when I went to look for the one closest to me found it had already been logged straight away by someone on the other side of the globe using a picture which had nothing to do with the requirements…

    The introduction of anything new is always going to be a bit bumpy, but the feedback over at the Groundspeak forums (and the large numbers of thumbs-down) is anything but positive at this stage. Hopefully they take it on board so that those who do like this stuff can continue to do so in an organised fashion, and those who would rather geocache (eg. find caches!) can happily ignore it all.

  3. ADV

    I can see how these could be useful as an adjunct to geocaching in taking to people to places of interest or significance where it is not possible to have a physical cache, similar to the old virtuals.

    However, as I expected this just opens the door to all sorts of unrelated frivolity. Kiss a Frog? no thanks, and besides, I’m just not a kiss and tell sorta guy ­čśë

  4. beltfamily

    I love your positive enthusiasm, but so far I think the Challenges are an area of some concern. With Geocachers voting on the Kiss a Frog Challenge currently running at 2:1 against, it appears I am in good company.

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