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Cerena Marion doesn’t want to wear her heart on her sleeve, she’d rather put it in a geocache.

The Australian cacher has just launched a new, world-first travel tag shaped like a broken heart which can be shared by friends.

Based on the heart necklaces popular with tweens and adolescents, her Friendship Tag has two tracking numbers so that the movement of both halves can be followed on

Each set features phrases including ‘Friendship is the ULTIMATE cache’ and is being sold exclusively through the TigersDen’s Geocaching Goodies webstore she runs with husband Andrew for A$12.50.

After designing four geocoins and dozens of pathtags, the Bendigo, Victoria residents (GC handle: TigersDen) felt it was time to create their own travel tag, though the project soon morphed into a world first.

“We wanted something that would be different, not done before. The saying on the front of the tag was taken from the bracelet I gave Andrew and a pathtag I had made. The saying on the back is just something I thought would be great on the tag.”

They began sketching their chosen idea in early April – soon after their wedding anniversary – before Cerena “got to work putting it into one of my design programs”.

“We originally wanted the trackable number on the back split in half, three numbers on one tag and three on the other. And to log the tag, you had to have both sets of numbers. But that would have ended up being too confusing for some. So we went with two unique sets of numbers, one for each half.”

And upon getting their tags back from American manufacturer Oakcoins, the couple say they love the end result. “They turned out much better than we expected.”

When It’s Not About The Numbers first spoke to Cerena, it was too soon to judge public reaction to her Friendship Tags – though she was sure the response was “going to be great”, especially among “friends, lovers, married couples/partners and, most of all, long-distance friends”.

“We are hoping that it appeals to everyone.”
*To buy your own set of Friendship tags for A$12.50 + postage, visit TigersDen’s Geocaching Goodies.


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    August 19, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    very cool!

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