Tutorial: With A Real Swag-ger

Crafting her own swag suits American geocacher ErikaJean to a T.

So far, the popular Tucson blogger and photographer has created a Signal the Frog soft toy tutorial, numerous geocaching shirts, including her own TB shirt and a GPS shirt tutorial, as well as other random geo-goodies.

Here, she shows It’s Not About The Numbers readers a simple DIY shirt idea, adding that it “would make a great FTF prize or even a gift” – after all, it’s only 128 days till Christmas.

“So, let’s get started, shall we?”


  • T-Shirt (I found mine for US$1 at Walgreen’s)
  • Extra fabric (just buy an extra shirt or recycle some old clothes if you don’t have a stash like I do.)
  • Iron-on adhesive (I use Heat’n Bond UltraHold)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Template print-out (Just the head and antenna needed)
  • Sewing machine and thread – optional


Place iron-on adhesive over your template print-out. Trace the head and the signal/antenna onto the non-adhesive side of the paper. I find that securing bot sheets with tape makes it a little easier. Also use a pen, not a pencil – the pencil lines fade after ironing.

Trim off any extra iron-on adhesive. Stay a little ways away from the traced pattern.


Iron extra fabric if needed (boy, did mine need it!)

Now it’s time to make a Signal sandwich. Place your extra fabric right side down, wrong side up. On top of that, place your iron-on adhesive Signal glue side down, pen side up; and on top of that, place an extra piece of fabric.

Iron according to your adhesive’s directions (time and temperature). For mine, it’s just a couple of seconds and whatever setting my iron happens to be on. 😉


Trim off any excess fabric or paper.

Peel the paper away from your fabric.

Iron T-shirt if needed. Place Signal shiny side (glue side) down in the centre of your shirt.

Press according to those iron-on adhesive directions, again whatever.

Now you CAN stop here: Ta-da! One awesome Signal shirt!  The iron-on adhesive is washable and should stay on – but I like to go the extra mile and ignore the “don’t sew” tip that comes with the adhesive and sew around the edges anyway.

There you have it; your very own Signal shirt!

Use your imagination – think of all the shapes you could do (Search Google Images for suitable clip art and line drawings). Or you could even go the extra, extra mile and add Signal’s eyes and mouth.

 *For more of Erika’s geo-gems, check out her blog here.

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