Another Geocaching Challenges Sneak Peak And Release

Geocaching.com has given us another sneak peak into the new Geocaching Challenges. This time it’s a short video explaining its ‘Action’ type of challenge. The clip is at the bottom of this post.

BUT the bigger news is that the anticipated release of Geocaching Challenges is later this week. Very exciting. Also worth noting is:

  • Free smartphone apps for the challenges will be available on the iPhone, Android and WP7.
  • It will start with two types of challenges – Action and Photo – with more types being added in future.
  • You will earn a smiley for completing a challenge but this will be kept separate from smileys for geocaches.
  • Geocaching.com Premium Members will be able to create the challenges.

So what do I think? Starting from the top, the clip is another excellent job by the Groundspeak team. From what I can see, the videos being produced have matured and developed a style all of their own. They are fun and simplified (in a good way). The person who produces these clips should be congratulated.

I wasn’t expecting the release to be quite so soon and I’m pleasantly surprised it is going to happen this week. But I haven’t had time to start planning my challenges I want to publish … arrrgghhh! I guess something will have wait this week … work or challenges, work or challenges, work or challenges … 😉

It is cool that free apps are being released to accompanying the challenges’ development. Quite whether any will have location-based functions for completing challenges is yet to be seen.

The question on everyone’s lips is how will action challenge completion be verified? My pick is that you will need to provide some form of verification that the challenge is complete – such as providing the last word on a sign at ground-zero or similar.

I wish the smileys for challenges were combined with geocache smileys. Perhaps they will be in the future or maybe there will be a smileys total displayed somewhere? I do understand the (assumed) reasoning for keeping these separate initially (must appease the natives!).

And, lastly, this is a valuable addition to the premium membership. There is beginning to be a lot of value in being a premium member and this is a good thing – Groundspeak are really giving us our money’s worth. At the same time it is great that you can still play the game for free and not be a premium member. From my perspective, it is striking a very good balance between having the game be open to all whilst also providing a high level of value for those who want to pay and get more. As long as this philosophy continues, I think Groundspeak will be onto a winner that pleases all … well, okay, most (some people can never be pleased!).

Overall, good job Groundspeak!!




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  1. Dave Racette on Facebook

    Awesome! – Definately keep my eye open for them!!

  2. Chris

    Yeah I hope they do eventually combine the smileys, otherwise it’s almost like they’re making something half way between geocaching and waymarking.

    Agree about the quality of the videos Groundspeak are putting out – very nice, and good to see they have chosen a nice style and stuck to it.

  3. Karen

    Would I be right in thinking the Photo Challenge caches will eventually replace Virtual caches?

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Well, technically virtual caches disappeared a long time ago and we only have a few left hanging around. Essentially challenges are Groundspeaks new answer to the old virtuals.

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