Log Them All And Let Cano Sort Them Out


What do you get when you combine geocaching, a whole heap of trackables and a computer programmer? You get to LOG THEM ALL!.

Log Them All (v0.1) is the work of American IT professional Michal Canecky (GC handle: cano), who describes his job on GC.com as being a farmer who “grows solutions using evolution algorithms on computer farms”.

The Slovakian-born Maine resident created the beta version in September 2008 after being unable to “find an easy way to log the many coins” he discovered at an event. Canecky jokes that he “spent more time creating it, than I could ever spend by logging my items”.

After two days of work, he shared the end result with friends, who “liked the site and shared it with their friends and so on”.

“So far about 400 geocachers logged together over 120,000 codes. There are 30 geocachers who logged over 1000 codes each and one who logged over 3000 codes” he says.  “I guess it saved them quite a lot of time“.

The easy-to-use service lets you enter a list of trackable codes for your latest discoveries with one customised log entry used for each upload. It takes four seconds per code number to complete the process, whereby you’re then shown a list of every transaction, successful or not. Canecky recommends using Log Them All with a Firefox web browser, as it gives geocachers the chance to see their progress with every new item that’s logged.

According to the site, it has “helped to save more than 2212 hours that would have been wasted if all these coins and TBs had been logged manually”. Twenty of those minutes were saved by me and I’d wager it would have taken me much, much longer had I completed the task the traditional way.

Cano Segway caching in Barbados

In the future Canecky plans to add an option to grab trackables. “If you have a collection of trackables you share on events it’s easy to drop them to an event, but it’s difficult to retrieve them because you have to do it one coin at a time. So this will be very helpful for coin owners.”

Surprisingly Canecky only has a few trackables, most of which were prizes or gifts from others. However his favourite, Cano’s Slovak Geocoin, travels around the world with him.

He is also a man after Cumbyrocks own heart, using his smartphone for geocaching. “I use it for everything. It’s my Internet device, camera, weather channel, alarm clock, car navigation, geocaching tool, music player, you name it. It’s always with me and ready for FTF run. It’s very accurate if you have clear view of the sky, but under tree cover it gets very frustrating sometimes to find anything, but it’s part of the game. I just don’t need another dedicated GPS device for geocaching or anything else.”

And just like Cumbyrocks he is a big fan of Wherigo’s… “unfortunately there are only two in my state. One is mine and the other one is too far.”

You would also assume that for a man who created a tool to save time and log multiple trackables at once caching would be all about the numbers. “Not any more” he says.

“When I started geocaching I enjoyed every single cache and I can still remember every one from that time. But everything changed after I attended my first event and met with people who found hundreds or thousands of caches. So I decided to boost my numbers and started doing power caching.”

“Few years later I found my 1000th cache on my vacation in Honduras and that’s where I returned back to normal where it’s not about the numbers again.”

It’s Not About The Numbers thinks Canecky should be given a medal for his services to geocaching, but lacking that we think everyone using his service should ‘buy him a beer’ by donating through his site!

* How many TB’s have you logged through Log Them All? Let us know in the comments below

Hat tip: kjwx


  1. Cacher1984

    I haven’t ever used his website but being a programmer myself, I know how difficult it can be to create a program of the sort. I love that cano did this to help out other geocachers! And I respect him for it! I may actually use his site in the future, it’s in my favorites already!

    Thank you cano!

  2. AdventureTharon

    Logged 25 at one time with that web site!!!

  3. Donald, Daisy and kids

    WoW! Used this site for the first time today and logged so many trackables as discovered in just a few short minutes and it told me that it saved us 2hrs in total! I bet it actually saved us about 5 hours because I am slow hehehehe.

    There was no need to search the trackable on GC website and then have to re-insert the number a second time to log it!!!!


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