Desperately Seeking Geocachers …

Still looking for that special someone to stare into your GPSr screen with? Then you’ll love Facebook’s new Geocaching Singles Group.

Since last week’s launch, it can already boost 24 members hailing from Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Germany, New Zealand, Britain – “and even a Groundspeak lackey”, says administrator Brian Shooll (GC handle: BDSmiley).

He and group co-founder Linda Shannon (GC handle: EnPleinAire) are geocaching partners from Illinois who spotted a niche in the dating scene.

“We both realise how addicting this hobby has become in our lives,” Shooll says. “Linda has mentioned to me on several occasions that she wanted to find a boyfriend BUT he had to be a geocacher. It makes sense.

“We love this hobby so much that we spend so much of our time exploring new places and meeting new and interesting people at geocaching events. It just seems logical to want a partner to share these adventures with.”

Despite trying “countless dating sites” himself, Shooll says “searching for someone that shares your passion for geocaching can be rather difficult when the hobby is still a mystery to quite a few”.

“As you probably know, when you explain geocaching for the first time to someone they either are really interested or they just simply don’t get it.”

He and Shannon chose Facebook as their preferred platform because of its easy access to geocachers worldwide. “As soon as I became a geocacher and started going to events, countless geocachers started to add me as a friend on Facebook – many of which I had never even met before. Geocaching has become more than a hobby and more like a family coming together at each event. I figured there has to be quite a few single geocachers out there.”

First up for group members will be a monthly mixer in Illinois, Shooll says. “The outing may include lunch in the afternoon or perhaps ending the day at a local pub for an opportunity for the singles to mingle. Needless to say, it will include lots of geocaching.

“Our Facebook page will also include regular discussions on singles’ life, general caching questions and opportunities to get to know each other better.”

In future, Shooll hopes the group keeps growing in size – “If that becomes the case, then I will appoint members to take charge of singles’ events in their respective regions.” – and that those wedding invitations start rolling in.

*Before you ask, that heart-shaped geotrail pictured above is the Heart of The Desert series in Utah. Placed by Blunder Bums, it involves 20 caches – each named after a love song – and a hike of 5.5 miles (8.8km) northwest of Moab.


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  1. Brian Shooll on Facebook

    Very nice!

  2. 'tigersden' Cerena Andrew on Facebook

    hehehe, pretty neat idea…goes well with the friendship tags…lol a geocaching singles group…love the idea

  3. Aaron Cooper

    At first i thought this was a total joke but now I see that it is a real group….
    I do all that i can to avoid cachers, whether it’s avoiding any and all caching events or while out on the hunt, so having a singles group for it is just making me LOL all OVER the place today. It makes sense though… geocaching is really a way to get nerds and tech geeks into the woods, because normally they wouldnt get out there for any other reason, so to integrate this with them possibly meeting someone of the opposite sex only makes 100% complete sense.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      I think you’re missing out by avoiding cachers Aaron. In my experience there are a wide variety of people who all seem to be genuinely nice people out there caching. Some of my favourite people are cachers I’ve met!

      I’d also challenge the notion that geocaching is a way to get ‘nerds and tech geeks’ into the woods. I think that is an over generalisation based on the fact that a small portion of the caching community might fit into those categories. I think the reverse of your statement applies more – that geocaching is a great way to get outdoors people into tech stuff! 🙂

  4. moodygrrl

    Nice article! Way to go guys!
    And for the record I agree with Cumbyrocks, by and large ‘cachers are good people, and these days I enjoy caching with people much more than caching solo.

  5. Brian Shooll

    As of August 2016, there are 262 members in the Geocaching Singles Group 🙂

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