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You may have seen the latest geo-proposal on Facebook and YouTube. Now the video’s newly engaged star tells It’s Not About The Numbers how her muggle beau popped the question.

Twenty-seven year-old Anna Brewer was hoping for a FTF and maybe some good swag … instead, the Alabama geocacher (GC handle: Cacher1984) found a diamond ring and a starring role in a marriage proposal.

When she left home early on June 18th to meet Birmingham cacher CaverScott, it had seemed a typical geo-outing in nearby Athens. Upon reflection, though, the Florence resident can identify clues that something was afoot.

Firstly, the pair agreed to “an easy cache day, which, for Caver, is unusual”, Brewer says.

“Once we headed out, Caver told me that he had set up a notification for the Athens area in case [local reviewer] Mtn-man started publishing caches. He hadn’t ever done that before, but I didn’t put it past him so thought nothing of it.”

They cached until lunchtime, before venturing back into the Madison area to log a few more finds.

Brewer continues: “I had invited my best friend, Anna McVey, to come along with us. But, since she’s not an avid geocacher, I didn’t really expect her to – especially as we both live an hour away from our meeting point.

“So I was really surprised and excited when she called me about 1pm to say she was on her way and that she was bringing another friend, who had never geocached before.”

The foursome met up at 2pm and spent the next few hours showing the ropes to McVey’s friend, Britney.

“We had all discussed having supper before we parted ways that afternoon. Anna M has a nine-month-old baby so I knew she wouldn’t want to be out all night – like we normally are on a cache run. So, when Caver decided to head back toward the meeting place at 5.30pm, I didn’t think anything strange was going on. I was actually wanting to sit down to a good dinner with some great friends before everyone went in their opposite directions.”

As they drove north on the interstate, Caver received a text message with what he told Brewer was a new cache listing for the Athens area.

“Little did I know, Caver had never set up a notification. Mtn-man was directly texting him, telling him that GC2Y539 Will You? Was published. I have an iPhone and Caver wanted me to pull up the information using the geocaching application. When I did, I read the cache description and noticed the cache was put out by CaverScott.

“He had changed the name on the listing page to a local Athens cacher so I wouldn’t suspect anything, but we didn’t know the app bypasses that and pulls the actual owner’s name. Looking back on it now, I could see some panic in Caver’s face when I pointed this out but he came up with a clever and quick response that the local cacher must have been messing with him. I’m pretty gullible sometimes so I bought it.”

The listing page read:

  • Will you? Two simple words that led to questions simple or complex …
  • Will you find the cache?
  • Will you be the first to find?
  • Will you travel for hours or minutes?
  • Will you enjoy the view?
  • Will you find over 100 caches in day?
  • Will you get burned out within a year?
  • Will you return afterward?
  • Will you attend an event to meet the cache owner?
  • Will you remember finding this cache?

“Once we got close to the cache, Caver started videoing,” Brewer says. “This is not unusual, he tends to video little excerpts during our cache trips on a regular basis, so still no red flags were going off. I make it over to GZ, find the cache, open it up and there is a logbook that says ‘For Anna …’ on the front. Now I know something is up but I’m still not sure exactly what.

“But once I flip over the first page and realise that it’s Tobey’s handwriting, everything starts to come into focus.”

Although “everyone wants to know what was written in the logbook”, she insists its contents are extremely personal to her and 28-year-old Tobey, before finally divulging: “He, of course, talks about how lucky he is to have me, how I’ve been there through the best and worst times, and – the part that really got me – how he always knew he would fall in love but never knew he would be lucky enough to fall in love with his best friend. Once I started reading all this, my emotions were all over the place; I didn’t know what to think or how to feel.

“When I read that he wanted to marry me, I just had to sit there for a moment and compose myself. Once I turned around, I couldn’t believe that he was actually there, on one knee with an engagement ring. He didn’t even have to speak the words; I just said ‘Yes!’

Brewer is still amazed her friends managed to pull this ruse off – especially as “shortly after the proposal, another local cacher showed up attempting to get the FTF”. At that point, the group departed for a celebratory dinner.

But, in hindsight, she admits Tobey’s proposal wasn’t a complete shock. The pair had been dating for six years and “were best friends for about four years” prior to that. “We had discussed getting married, several different times actually … but I had no idea when or where it would happen. I never thought, in a million years, that it would involve geocaching.”

Since then, the D1.5/T1.5 level cache has been logged 26 more times, earning comments such as “Great story” and “Thanks for sharing … I got a great big ‘Ahhh!’ out of my daughter when I read it to her”.

And the full-time student has had time to quiz her beloved pharmacist about that “perfect” engagement ring. “I had no part in picking it out, which makes it even better in my eyes. I have relatively skinny hands so anything bigger would be too gaudy. The ring is made of white gold and in the centre is a 1-carat diamond in a square shape. The setting consists of small diamonds all the way around the larger diamond and along each side of the ring.”

Don’t expect wedding bells anytime soon, Brewer says. The couple are in no hurry to walk down the aisle but have already decided their wedding will be “small, nothing too elaborate”. Nor will it involve geocaching, though a themed reception is a possibility.

“Tobey has no interest in geocaching but he understands that I love the game. Long story short, I’M HAPPY!!”


*If you or a friend have also found love over a geocache, tell us in the comments section below.






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  1. Eddie says:

    August 8, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Well, we found love long before we found geocaching – But we did commemorate that love with a retrospective cache (as well as the ‘results’ of that love, so to speak!) 🙂

    GC1VM9E" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC1VM9E

  2. BDSmiley says:

    August 9, 2011 at 2:41 am

    Awesome story! Very inspiring for my “Geocacher Singles Group”!

  3. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook says:

    August 9, 2011 at 11:27 am

    there is a travelbug circulating that is basically a personal ad for the owner looking for their perfect match. It has been doing the rounds for a few years and no indication so far that she has been successful

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