Geocache-Crazy Germans

I was a little stunned by a post highlighting Germany at Caching and Reviewing recently.

Population 81 Million people, 138,000 square miles, Nearing 200,000 geocaches

Comparison to California

Population 37 Million people, 160,000 square miles, Nearing 100,000 geocaches.

Wow, that is a lot of people and a lot of caches. It’s even more amazing when you look at a map of all the caches in Germany.

It almost looks like the entire country is covered in them. You can even see the borders because of where the dense caches end.

An interesting observation from Firenice in his post on this image as well:

However, Germany is full of creative puzzles and multi caches.  The sheer number make people take the time and look at what they are doing. Make something that people can talk about and stand in awe of.

I notice the difference when I look at the map.  In Utah and many of the other states in the US you see a sea of green tiles with some blue tossed in.  here you see the yellow of the multicaches as well.

That got me to wondering what caching in Germany was like and, in the process of looking into it, I stumbled across these two excellent Youtube videos. The first is an awesome Geocaching.com trailer for caching Germany:

… and the second was a cool clip showing the evolution of caches in Germany:

My wife has spent sometime living in Germany and, with some family ties there, I’m hoping we get to visit someday – especially as it will double my number of finds (not that it’s about the numbers 😉 ).

*Have you cached in Germany? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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  1. CraigRat

    Amazing stuff.

    Good to see it’s a wide variety of caches, not just microspew.
    I should brush up on my year 7 German and head over there (As long as the caches are near cathedrals, and that’s all I remember how to ask direction for….. Wo ist der dom bitte? )

  2. Brent

    Awesome videos! Does anyone know the name of the cache with the security camera and the control panel with the toggle switches?

  3. Zalgariath

    Im heading there next week! Will only have a few days and already noticed how many Puzzles there are! Unfortunately I will have to stick with Trads as my German sux 😉

  4. Philipp

    I cached in Germany for 7 years but despite the fact that there are some extraordinary caches, the caches in general lack of one thing: location. Heaps of Nanos and Micros where you ask yourself “WTF? What’s the point of this cache?”

    I prefer Geocaching in Australia and New Zealand over Germany :o)

  5. Margreet (cachers name: Migmar)

    Just a little point: the map shows not only Germany, but also The Netherlands and Belgium. 😉
    As I live in The Netherlands, we (my partner and I) sometimes go caching in Germany. Mostly it is disappointing: never have had so many DNF’s because of the ripped caches! Compared with caching in The Netherlands, we sometimes have 100 finds in a row without a DNF!
    So, it’s nice to have the experience to go caching in other countries (and for your statistics), but I ‘ld rather go caching in the US for once!

  6. Cacher1984

    I’ve only been caching mostly in the US, but a little in France while I was on a trip there. But I will in cache Germany one day…and I can’t wait!

  7. Nico

    I live in Hannover and I can tell you that we do have a lot of great GC things going on here. There’s just so much creativity and good ideas. I do not agree that we don’t have good locations. Of course we don’t have breathtaking landscapes like you’ll find in NZ, AUS or ES but we do have a lot of old bunkers, abandoned sites and derelict areas, which is the perfect ground for creative and exciting GC. Right now I’m on the Canary Islands and I’ve also GC’d in the whole mainland of Europe. But I can honestly say the best Caches (excitement, creativity, idea, not surroundings) I found were in DE & NL. Come on over, you’ll have fun. GC GREETZ

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