Taking A Look Way Back: Geocaching.com

Surfing the net tonight I decided to take a look back at what Geocaching.com looked like in the beginning. Using the Wayback Machine – which allows you to browse archived web pages all the way baCK TO 1996 – I came across a complete Geocaching.com front page from 2 June 2002 (there are earlier archives but they tend to have broken images etc).

Interesting things to note from this page:

Become a Charter Member – Listed on the front page is the link to gain charter membership.

There are now caches hidden in 125 countries – Wow, now they’re even out in space!

Etrex Image Front and Centre – Really. The yellow wonder was the darling of the geocaching world.

Latest Topics in the Forums: No Messages – Can you image that happening now? The forums are a hive of activity.

Click on the ‘About Geocaching’ link on the left hand menu and it tells you there are now 24735 active caches in 134 countries. Now there is nearly 1.5 million!





  1. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    Nice! Even shows my original eTrex H on the home page!

  2. kjwx

    And the site’s on offer in three languages, compared to the dozens available today.

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