Win A Dakota 20 By Listing Caches On Opencaching.com

Opencaching.com are running a new sweepstake where they are giving away a Dakota 20 each week for the month of August.

The sweepstake is only open to US residents but they hint that other regional offices are cooking up their own competitions.

You get one entry for every 10 caches you place, which means anyone with heaps of caches keen on getting a Dakota should be in with a good shot!


  1. Zalgariath

    Yep… cause that isnt simply going to result in 100,000 cross listed caches from GC.com >:(

    Dont get me wrong, Im all for competition and some of Garmins ideas and their community involvement are far superior to Groundspeaks… but a LOT of the way they are going about it is just plain wrong.

    If they hadnt stolen the opencaching name from the.ORGS and activity discouraged cross listing I would have gotten right behind them. Stunts like this which are a thinly veiled attempts to pinch listings off GC.com and other sites keep me away from them.

  2. Captain Caveman

    So far we’ve had “a chirp a day” and four entry-level GPS devices. I guess if they continue to be desperate for people to cross-list their Earthcaches as Virtuals and their TB Hotels for all those great Garmin trackables (what? oh…), they’ll be offering direct US currency payments next.

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