Geomate Jr: Awesome Deal On Amazon

Anyone interested in getting their kids started in geocaching should consider getting them a Geomate Jr. Amazon have released such a good deal
on this GPS that we felt compelled to point it out.

Normally US$69.95 the price has been reduced 20% to US$49.99.

The write up from Amazon:

Loaded With Geocaches
Unlike any other GPS on the market, the Geomate.jr comes preloaded with approximately 250,000 geocache locations covering all 50 U.S. states.

A Breeze to Use
Simply go outside, turn it on and follow the arrow and distance to your closest geocache. Hit the “Next” button and the Geomate.jr will take you to the next closest geocache. To make the hunt a little easier, along with the geocache location, you also get information like terrain, difficulty, size of the geocache, and the geocache code. You can also set a “home” waypoint so you can always navigate back to where you started–a bit of a “get lost proof” feature.

After a good find, the “found geocache” log allows you to mark geocaches as found and review them later.

Solid Technology
The Geomate.jr includes core GPS functionality like latitude, longitude, height, heading, and GPS tracking information. Based on high-sensitivity SiRFstarIII GPS technology, the Geomate.jr delivers excellent GPS performance and accuracy.

The Geomate.jr gets more than 12 hours of operation out of a couple AAA batteries (not included).

Loads of Fun
Whether you are taking a road trip, visiting the relatives, camping, or just taking a stroll through the local park, the Geomate.jr is always ready to go and is perfect for that spontaneous outdoor adventure with friends or the family.

Add an Udpate Kit
With new geocaches being added every day, an optional Geomate.jr Update Kit allows you to add all the newest geocaches for the U.S., get geocaches for other countries, or even give your Geomate.jr a nickname!


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  1. Darren (The Spindoctors)

    I recently got one through eBay for US$25 (AU$23). But, Update Kits are VERY hard to get a hold of. Most, if not all stores are out of stock. I spoke with the manufacturer and they say there was a problem with a part’s supplier. It has been resolved, but there is a delay in getting new kits out. In the meantime my closest cache is more than 7000 kms away (in Hawai’i).

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