Geocaching Live: The First Third Party App Goes … Well … Live!


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I doubt too many people actually know what Geocaching Live is, so in the words of Groundspeak themselves:

Geocaching Live-enabled products bring geocaching to you, wherever you are. Whether it’s accessing the database using one of Groundspeak’s Geocaching Applications or using a third-party app powered by our Public API, Geocaching Live makes it easy for you to stay connected to your favorite activity.

So what does that really mean? It’s the connection that allows you to download cache info on the go (something smartphone users will be used to, GPS units haven’t yet caught up with this) and log your caches from the actual cache (rather than having to come home and load up heaps of logs).

Those using smartphones with the Groundspeak Geocaching App or Geocache Navigator will be used to some of this functionaility. But until now the software with this capability has been limited to official Groundspeak apps.

But with the beta phase of testing occuring this year the first third-party app licenced with the Geocaching Live API, the excellent New Zealand developed CacheSense, has just made public for existing users their release candidate with the official release of CacheSense Version 4 expected to occur sometime next week.

If you’ve read this blog for more than 3 minutes you’ll know I love my Blackberry and CacheSense. In fact, just this morning I was telling some doubting, but honest and hard working, volunteer reviewers 😉 that I believed CacheSense was the reason why my Blackberry’s performance was just as good as any other GPS.

And now CacheSense provides secure online access to your account, allows you to search for nearest caches, download pocket queries, log caches and trackables, and upload photos etc. All from your Blackberry while you’re out on the go.

I’m fortunate to have had access to the CacheSense beta during the private beta phase and can confirm it is all it is cracked up to be. This software has more bells and whistles than you can count.

  • Load Pocket Queries* or GSAK exports
  • Search, sort and filter hundreds of geocaches
  • Multiple databases – manage 1000s of geocaches on your phone
  • GPS geocaching compass and radar with SVG graphics
  • View caches on Google/BlackBerry maps
  • Twitter – automatically tweet finds
  • Facebook – post your geocaching activity
  • Field notes – upload to
  • Trackables – logging and personal inventory
  • TextMarks – Log your finds via SMS
  • Works with GPX 1.0, 1.01, 1.1 and LOC files
  • Photo attachments and much more…
and now has the added functionality of the Geocaching Live API. I’ve really enjoyed logging my caches on the go and always having access to the latest cache info.

An artists redition of Bruce and the team developing CacheSense.

But the two things best things about CacheSense are:

  1. The Price: At only US$9.99 for life-time registration this software is cheap as chips.
  2. The support from the developer is awesome. This is not something you would always see for a relatively niche piece of software but it seems that all you need to do is tell Bruce your problem and he fixes it!
And it’s not only Blackberry users that get to experience the joy. It’s rumoured that CacheSense may soon be released on Android.
But in the meantime, if you are a Blackberry user, grab your 30 day free trial and see what all the CacheSense fuss is about. Or take my word and buy the software so you can get the version 4 release candidate now and never need a ‘real’ GPS again! 😉


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    August 1, 2011 at 12:52 am

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  1. Tim Walsh says:

    July 30, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Hit the nail on the head, I’ve been using CacheSense since it’s original release under the cacheberry. It’s a great app and the new features just make it that much better. Bruce is an amazing developer too, responds to questions and suggestions as well as to bugs and fixes them for you. Just join the forum and let him know, and he’ll take care of it.

  2. Andrew George says:

    August 3, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    Pity I don’t have my BB anymore. When it died I got an Android.
    I do miss it.
    I’ll certainly check it out if they release Cachesense for Android.

  3. smiddy3266 says:

    January 26, 2013 at 12:20 am

    Just recently acquired the android app.

    With my geographic area having lots of Multi-Caches, it is absolutely useless if I cannot input my GZ co-ords easily!!!

    To continue with this app, how can We easily input our c0-ords?

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