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Somebody give Groundspeak an award …

The geocaching listing service provider has just unveiled a new Geocacher of The Month scheme to honour the game’s most exceptional players – for which it already has nominations from the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Latvia “… and a host of others”.

On its Latitude 47 blog, the Seattle, Washington firm announced: “Groundspeak needs your help acknowledging a geocacher each month who stands out by inspiring other geocachers with their innovation, creative hides and/or logs, respect for the environment, and geocaching etiquette. This person can be your best geocaching buddy, a geocacher you know as a local legend, or a long-time geocacher who invites newbies to the geocaching community.

“The Geocacher of the Month celebrates geocachers for their contributions and diversity. Geocachers are outdoorsy, technically apt, young, old, parents, single, athletic, intelligent, travellers, grandparents and more. They are a uniquely eclectic group, unified by their passion for the activity of geocaching.”

Submissions for the first Geocacher of The Month are due by August 4 so the inaugural recipient can be named at the mega event GC2FYVM Geocaching Block Party in Seattle on the 20th of that month – aka International Geocaching Day.

“Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top three candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to vote for your favorite,” wrote Groundspeak lackey Eric Schudiske.

Each winner will receive “an exclusive, special edition ‘Geocacher of the Month’ geocoin along with a Geocacher of the Month hat and certificate acknowledging their contributions” signed by GC.com founders Jeremy Irish, Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord.

“Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so as to learn from each other. Let the nominations begin!”

Not everyone is fond of the idea, though, with Wisconsin Geocaching Association member Sandlanders telling its forums: “There was something here a while back about a geocaching hall of fame. I wasn’t fond of that proposal, and I’m not fond of this one. There are way too many geocachers I know of who fit the bill just in Wisconsin alone. There is no way that any one cacher out of five million worldwide can be singled out each month for this or any kind of an honour.
“Geocaching is a game, not a contest … I would not nominate any one geocacher, nor would I vote for any one geocacher.”

Their comment was unanimously backed by fellow WGA members, though CodeJunkie added: “If I were to nominate someone it would be our Wisconsin reviewers. I think they do an excellent job of monitoring the entire state and trying to keep everything in order.”

It’s Not About The Numbers can also think of a few Kiwi cachers who would be worthy of such a title (and no, Cumbyrocks, I don’t mean you).

*To nominate your own Geocacher of the Month candidate, email: geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com. Please include your name, the name of your nominee, their username, at least one picture of the nominee and description (in 500 words or less) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month. You’ll also need to inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award.




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