Groundspeak: A Hot Seattle Startup You Need To Watch


Bryan, Jeremy and Elias from Groundspeak.

Groundspeak has been included in the The 14 Hot Seattle Startups You Need To Watch at Business Insider.

this Seattle company is the owner of Geocaching.com, the official hub for the game. And in case you’re prone to dismiss it as some weirdo trend, the site notes that there are more than 5 million active geocachers around the world, and they submitted nearly 6 million logs in the last month.

hehe, weirdo trend, hehe.

The company also has a couple of other location-based services, including Waymarking.com, which lets people mark and catalog interesting locations around the world.

It’s not exactly a startup — the company was founded in 2000 — but it’s still largely under the radar.

That last point about not exactly being a startup is an interesting one. Most particularly because, in my opinion,  ‘startup’ tends to go hand in hand with ‘sold to <insert large corporate entity> for <insert ridiculous amount of money>’.  But, as they rightly point out, Groundspeak has been operating since 2000. Which would lead one to think that they are unlikely to sell out now, especially in the wake of other startups making it big (read: Facebook et al).

The other 14 startups in the list are also worth looking into, a nice range of software there to peruse.

Hat tip: GSVnofixedabode

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