Happy Feet, Geocacher Penguin?

Bet you didn’t know that Happy Feet, the penguin now world-famous in New Zealand, is a geocacher.

Neither did It’s Not About The Numbers, till a little bird pointed out his attendee log for Wellington’s recent GC2W8AW “Winter Solstice Event”.

Orsum event, well worth the 7000km swim 🙂 Great to meet the NZ capital crowd, and especially Graeme.N, loved the T-shirt.”

According to the emperor penguin’s comment, his arrival in New Zealand was not a case of poor navigation as previously suspected by scientists and Conservation Department staff but cleverly timed so he could log his first smiley at the well-attended gathering in the suburb of Tawa.

And while media and fans worldwide thought Happy Feet was recovering from two surgeries at Wellington Zoo to remove sand from his innards, he was in fact using illness as a ploy to attend the geo-event without pesky paparazzi.

A note posted by the juvenile penguin (GC handle: Happy Feet) a day before the June 25th function reads:

Not sure if I can give the Wellington Zoo screws the slip for this one, I’ve travelled quite some distance just for this event.”

It has been well documented that Happy Feet holidayed at Peka Peka beach on the Kapiti Coast for nearly a week before hitching a ride into the capital city with conservation workers.

But allegedly, once at Tawa venue Skipping Bull Bar & Steakhouse, the metre-tall penguin kept to the shadows – despite being dressed in a classically dapper tuxedo – before returning to the zoo, where he has since been living it up on truckloads of party ice.

His subsequent logs on GC.com surprised other event guests, causing considerable chatter about a possible hoax. Initial suspects included organiser Yeetrees or Wairarapa geocacher Graeme.N who wore a penguin T-shirt to the function – though both claims have been denied, with the latter posting on July 11th:

Amidst the speculation as to the identity of ‘Happy Feet’, various cachers have been suggested as the creator of this entity, but I can assure you that it is neither Yeetrees nor myself (Graeme.N), even though I was wearing a penguin T-shirt that day.

“Yeetrees and I were discussing it earlier this evening and postulating various possibilities, and another likely candidate came to mind while typing this log entry!”

Attempts to contact Happy Feet yesterday were unsuccessful, leaving this reporter unable to provide answers as to why the feathered celebrity has yet to log any geocaches in his homeland of Antarctica, whether he has found GC1BX9X Monkey Menace located behind Wellington Zoo’s primate cage or if he plans to attend the first New Zealand Mega event in 2012.

* If you’ve muggled Happy Feet at a Wellington region geocache during his visit, please let us know.





  1. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook

    it’s true he was cleverly disguised as TB1RJV8 which was not logged as attending the event but was passed from one cacher to another there. Now we know why there were problems with some of the meal orders, he was snatching them before they got to our tables! (don’t know how I managed to escape when I had the fish!)

  2. robnzh

    If you check the log for TB1RJV8 you will see that it’s all true.
    (Must have been very hard for him to resist coming out of hiding when I had the salmon…)

  3. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook

    guess the above might be set up automatically, sorry about the duplication,

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