Dunedin, Home To NZ’s First MEGA Event, Featured In Latitude 47’s Geocache Of The Week

Dunedin's Baldwin Street

That’s right – Cumbyrocks’ home, Dunedin, and the location of the first ever New Zealand MEGA Event, feature in the official Geocaching.com blog, Latitude 47. The featured cache is GSVNoFixedAbodes’ GCRZ51 ‘A Baldwin Attraction’, found at the top of the steepest street in the world.

Geocachers hoping to log “A Baldwin Attraction (Otago)” are encouraged to park their car at the bottom of the hill and then walk up the harrowing incline.

It is a difficulty one, terrain two cache. It was placed in 2006 by GSVNoFixedAbode and has rewarded more than 200 geocachers with smileys. The cache page suggests discretion or the cover of night when searching for this micro cache. The cache owner writes, “As this is a popular and well-populated area a reasonable degree of stealth is required.”

Cache owner and It’s Not About The Numbers contributor GSVNoFixedAbode was surprised  to see his cache feature and thought it was “great to see the cache get 15 seconds of fame and a bit of promotion of NZ”.

The man planning to open the first Bed and Breakfast halfway up Baldwin St, former All Black Sandy McNicol, commented that the cache was a “great addition to an already iconic Dunedin attraction”.


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  1. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    Way to go Gerard! And only the second NZ hide ever to be listed as Geocache Of The Week.

  2. Rich Moore on Facebook

    Congratulations! Too bad it’s not really the steepest street in the world… It misses by 2% at 35% grade. We have one here in Pittsburgh that is actually 37%. GC1YPZ6" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC1YPZ6

  3. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    Damn! Do me a favour, Rich, and don’t tell the Guiness Book people.

  4. Rich Moore on Facebook

    🙂 This has been brewing for years – I’m not sure what the reasoning is, but math is math. This is a pretty cool street, really. You are only allowed to drive up it – it is too dangerous to drive down. We have several here that are well over 30%. LA and San Francisco have quite few steep ones as well.

  5. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook

    Do you have a date for this yet?- bearing in mind RWC at the beginning of the month at Labour Weekend arrangements will need to be made early for people to be able to make travel and accomodation plans (if they are even available or affordable if close to RWC!)

  6. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook

    sorry should read “RWC at the beginning of the month and Labour Weekend later…)

  7. Peter Raymond Walker on Facebook

    Hi Robert. The MEGA is currently being planned for Labour weekend 2012, not 2011.

  8. Robert Holdsworth on Facebook

    doh! thanks, lol. Time flies but not THAT fast! Unfortunately Labour Weekends are otherwise commited for me, but all the best with it (comments about booking and accommodation over a holiday weekend still apply though, will still need to be as much notice as possible of details though a bit more time than I thought left lol)

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