Geomate Jr Giveaway

Thanks to Rich over at GPS Tracklog for pointing out this Geomate Jr giveaway at Turning The Clock Back.

Overall, I loved this unit! The GPS accuracy was much better than the one on my iphone app and it is very kid friendly! The arrow that tells you which direction to go in was easy for my kids to follow. This is the first time we have every actually FOUND a cache and we have tried several times! Throughout the geocaching process, my kids also learned about longitude, latitude, reading directions, converting feet to miles, etc. See, learning CAN be fun!

A couple of improvements I might suggest would be to make it rechargeable and include some sort of ‘hint’ screen so if you are really having a hard time, you can cheat just a little!

A nice summary of the unit there, but the really important info on how you can win one…

The Giveaway: Apisphere has given me permission to give one of my readers a Geomate Jr. for themselves. Follow the entry methods listed below, one entry per method chosen unless otherwise stated. Leave a separate comment for each entry. You must be 18 and older and a US resident to win. Please make sure your email address is in your profile or in your comment so I can find you. I reserve the right to delete any comment that I deem inappropriate. Contest is open until midnight EST on July 29th, 2011 and the winner will be chosen using Random.org.

Mandatory Entry:

Visit the Geomate Jr. website and tell me something you learned!

Bonus Entries:

1. Follow the sponsor on Facebook (Facebook in no way sponsors this giveaway, this method of entry is completely optional)

2. Follow Turning the Clock Back on Twitter and tweet this giveaway! Please mention @turningclockbac (You may tweet one time each day)

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  1. Peter Raymond Walker on Facebook

    I want one!!

  2. Peter Raymond Walker on Facebook

    Cumbyrocks commented on Its Not About The Numbers:

    You can’t have one!

  3. Gerard Hyland on Facebook

    Dangit, yet another ‘American residents only’ contest. So much for the G in GPS.

  4. Peter Raymond Walker on Facebook

    I know – that’s why it so good to have friends in the US!

  5. Keith Lane

    I would like to win one of these.

  6. Mike Belanger

    Only one drawback to the Geomate (I got one for my lady friend who was having a hard time learning a ‘regular’ GPS) – it only has TRADITIONAL caches loaded in its database, so if you get one for your child and want to look for, say, Multi-caches, or Puzzle/Mystery caches or Virtual caches (Waymarks), etc., it won’t load them in; I think they’re (Apisphere) looking into loading those types into it in the future, but for now, it’s only Traditionals.

    Mike B.
    “AeroMechAZ” on Geocaching.com

  7. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    I bought one for a lady friend of mine to use, since she was having problems using a ‘regular’ GPSr; found out that the only types of ‘caches loaded into its database are TRADITIONALS. No Multi’s, Virtuals, etc. I had heard that Apisphere might be changing that soon, but for now, it’s only Traditionals.

  8. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    That (the above comment) doesn’t make it a bad unit, just if your child wants to look for the other types of caches, then they’ll have to use yours.

  9. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    That’s good to know, though Michael. I’d wondered whether once of these would be good for Peter’s boys but they’re young enough that I can wait till Apisphere upgrades the unit.

  10. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    Kylie, it’s a good, easy unit for kids, even with the ‘drawbacks’; go ahead and get Peter’s boys one (or two) – they’ll still enjoy it. Also you may want to get the Update Kit with it because the units shipped nowadays have last year’s database (June 2010) on them.

  11. salsaguy

    another drawback is if you get one AFTER you start geocaching, you have to actually be in the location to mark your found cache and you cant filter the ones you already found so it will always show up the closest ones you found until you go back and mark them as found. My trick was to load the finds (GPX file) into the unit and then go thru them and mark the, but its annoying esp if you or your kid found many before getting the unit. hope they can fix this in future software

    also no hints or description info so you are going blind really and so its meant for parents to let the kids find it but you still need your main unit to do the paperless

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