It’s A Dog’s Cache Hunt

In my short time caching I’ve heard a few stories about dog’s as caching companions. Mostly the stories have centred around cachers tending to opt for dog friendly areas to cache in. However, I did hear of one theory regarding a cache hound that suggested he/she was so good at finding caches because they had a human smell. Quite a sound concept that one.

Tom chillin' at home with one of the Cumbyrocks Jnrs

Anyhow, I have my own cache hound, Tom, who joins me periodically on the odd cache hunt. I couldn’t begin to suggest he’s any good at finding caches, but he is great company. His enthusiasm is also infectious, especially when I’m finding it difficult to locate the cache.

It did get me wondering how many people take their dogs caching and whether they find them useful in hunting down the cache!?! Thanks to the INATN Facebook group we know that many use their canine pals as stealthy excuses for loitering. But I would be keen to hear how else Tom’s cousins assist in your caching.


  1. Joe Acamo

    Here is an article about a local canine legend.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Thanks Joe, that’s an awesome article and an awesome wee dog!

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