2012 NZ MEGA Event Now In Dunedin

Hot of the NZ Recreational GPS Society press – The proposed 2012 NZ MEGA event has been shifted from earthquake-hit Christchurch to Cumbyrocks’ hometown,  Dunedin!

From NZ GPS Society President Moneydork:

GNS Science (the NZ Government’s earthquake monitoring agency) currently lists Christchurch as having a 30% probability of having another magnitude 6 or greater earthquake within the coming 12 months. The probability of a 5+ quake is listed as “almost certain”.

Even without this risk, the simple fact is, a lot of the supporting infrastructure is simply no longer available.

But Christchurch cachers should feel some solace by being considered for a future NZ MEGA:

We look forward to making more announcements about the 2012 NZ MEGA in Dunedin as we re-organise this event. We are still targeting October 2012. We are also hopeful that we will some day announce the 2016 NZ MEGA in Christchurch, ideally after a North Island MEGA event, some time in between.

Wellington’s kjwx applauded the mega change for selfish reasons, saying the shift south would be cheaper for her in the long run as she could bribe free accommodation out of her Dunedin-based sibling.

All of It’s Not About The Numbers’ readers should start planning their October 2012 trip to Dunedin. Besides being a stunningly beautiful place with an excellent range of caches to plunder, it’s also the gateway to many of New Zealand’s most majestic areas, including Queenstown.

Stay tuned as we will have all the updates as they are announced!


  1. The-Organist

    Dunedin/Christchurch doesn’t matter to me – I’m in the middle :). At least it is in the beautiful South Island. Definitely the way to start hosting these things!

  2. aussiepuschaks

    This is great news. We’ve been monitoring from Oz the different dates and cities for the NZ Mega with interest, and were hoping that it would stay down in the south island for a chance to return and enjoy all the wonderful sites. We look forward to joining cachers around the world in Dunedin in 2012!

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