Project APE: That’s A Wrap

Don’t expect any more monkey business from Groundspeak.

An announcement on Facebook today by chief executive Jeremy Irish said the company had cancelled plans to create a series of geocaches for the new Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes movie – less than a week after he first posted of its intentions.

“Instead, with the exception of the Brazil Project APE cache [GCC67], we are closing the chapter on Project APE.”

Irish blamed “lack of support” by movie studio 20th Century Fox, “angst over devaluing the original caches and the ape theme being unrelated to geocaching” for the decision reversal.

One Facebook follower joked: “APEs are so yesteryear. How about National Treasure 3 or Indiana Jones? Now these tie into caching” – to which Irish replied: “That would be fun. The challenge is to find the right champion for the project at one of these agencies to work on it.”

Much like the earlier announcement, today’s news generated a mixed response from geocachers.

One commenter felt it was selfish of Groundspeak “to exclude cachers” who had yet to find a Project APE hide. “It’s an iconic cache and losing it only diminishes the adventure yet again – much like removing virtuals and webcam [caches].”

Another asked if Irish thought “flooding Fox with letters and emails of our disappointment would make any difference?”

A minority applauded the company’s decision and offered words of encouragement for future developments.

Among those is Groundspeak’s new “virtual” scheme, which perhaps unsurprisingly now will see it honour the formerly last American Project APE – GC1169 Mission Nine: Tunnel of Light, archived 10 days ago due to repeated vandalism.

Irish’s Facebook post also revealed plans to include GZ – the Snoqualmie Tunnel in Washington’s Iron Horse State Park, closed since January 2009 due to its deteriorating condition – as part of its “replace virtuals” project.

“The lack of the Project APE geocache doesn’t diminish the fun of hiking through the train tunnel, which finally opens back up in July.”


  1. Jordan Wyatt

    As someone who created a Project APE tribute in Invercargill, I’m very disappointed!


    1. kjwx

      Looks like a great hide, Jordan … And I share your disappointment, though possibly not your fondness for the Planet Of The Apes movie. Finding a Project APE TB in a cache recently made my day, and now it seems that’s as close as I’ll ever get to the iconic series.

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