Six Months On And Still Resolute

Read ’em and weep, Cumbyrocks … I may (always) be trailing you when it comes total finds but I’m obviously better at setting geo-resolutions.

As some It’s Not About The Numbers readers may recall, my own geo-year runs from January 1st to December 31st so I get to see my darling brother’s half-yearly report before I write my own.

And I was feeling pretty confident when I boosted of my progress to him a few weeks ago – until I actually worked out my stats.

The year started with a bang, as I crossed off three goals within a few days of setting them, but since then my momentum has faltered somewhat.

See for yourself …

  1. Buy a new GPSr: DONE – as previously noted. I truly love my Garmin Oregon 450 but still miss my Etrex (now fondly renamed the ‘golden child’ in my home, as opposed to the ‘yellow disaster’ nickname Cumbyrocks has given his own model).
  2. Get to 750 finds: Steadily plugging away at this, with just another 235 to go … Perhaps 1000 is in my grasp, after all.
  3. Attempt one or two Terrain level 4/5 caches: Zilch so far. Am determined to get at least one Terrain level 4 cache before year’s end – and I know which one it will be thanks to some goading by my cocky brother.
  4. Complete all 10km radius hides: Truthfully, I’ve decided this is a Cumbyrocks goal and I really don’t care about it. Still with each new smiley, I’m slowly closing the gap.
  5. Up my total daily find tally from 11: No progress whatsoever (hence my recent post of tips by heavyweight Waikanae cacher TMann421).
  6. Solve some of the harder Wellington puzzles: Ticked off GC2A77V Candy Please in March but GC1VR0A Child’s Play 4: Okonomiyaki Party and GC29WMQ The Art of Geohacking still have me stumped.
  7. Cache in more NZ regions: So close but yet so far … Have ticked a few Manawatu hides off but haven’t ventured any further afield since then. Hopefully the purchase of my new geo-mobile will aid this goal.
  8. Place a few more hides: Another ‘you win some, you lose some’ area. To-date, I’m still level-pegged on five hides – with the archival of one hide and the joint creation of another with Cumbyrocks. But I do have a multi and a traditional nearly ready to be reviewed, as well as a puzzle and a possible opencache up my sleeve.
  9. Attend a geocaching event: DONE – as previously noted.
  10. Cache with Cumbyrocks and Juniors 1-3: Halfway there, having cached with Cumbyrocks on the day of our grandmother’s funeral. To treasure-hunt with my three nephews, though, I must jump on a plane to chilly Dunedin.
  11. Try for NZ daily record in Dunedin: Still a pipe dream – and even further from my grasp thanks to TMann421’s news that he’s found 133 caches in one day.
  12. Buy a new mobile phone with built-in GPS compass: DONE – as previously noted.
  13. Expand my cache type finds: Fifty/fifty at this stage. I’ve already ticked off a chirp cache and my first Letterbox but have yet to tackle the Wherigo and opencaches I’ve earmarked. Also have a dead drop in my sights (once I can convince somebody to lend me their laptop; I don’t want to use my own for obvious reasons).
  14. Write more blog posts: DONE – though I’m still not leading Cumbyrocks in this area yet.
  15. For good measure (and my waistline): Fast approaching a successful conclusion here, having already tackled GC46 by Kevin Anderson’s Geocache – the oldest existing hide in New Zealand. Next is a planned joint outing to another Wainuiomata cache, GC1MCE9 Kittyhawk Down, accompanied by its owner as our guide.Bgrade

CONCLUSION: So … of my 15 targets, I’ve already knocked four off the list and have made solid efforts on at least another five. One will be a miserable failure.

All in all, it’s a lot like my fifth form school report (the failing half-year grade was Maths). If I had to mark myself, perhaps a B? I’m certain Cumbyrocks will let me know if I’ve been too generous marking on the geo-curve.

* How are the rest of you going? We’d love to read your own half-yearly report cards.



  1. Papa

    Hi there, here is the correct listing for Kittyhawk Down.

    GC1MCE9" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC1MCE9

    Just a little error that the subby didn’t spot!! 😉

    1. kjwx

      Thanks, Papa – Am blaming Cumbyrocks. I spent so long checking his work that I forgot to check my own here.

  2. kjwx

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