Cumbyrocks Attempts World Record

Theo (5), Zach (4) and Toby (0) - Zach joins me on the trip today

Okay, I can’t really claim to know that this would be a world record and I’m fairly sure someone in the world has already done this, however, today I shall be attempting a world record personal best number of cache finds in a day accompanied by a child under the age of 5!


My previous personal best is 22 caches on a day trip around the Caitlins with then Master 4 and Master 2. That trip also produced my personal best for finds in a day…which is pretty pathetic really. But today Master 3 and I will be driving to Christchurch for a medical appointment tomorrow and this provides an excellent opportunity to attempt to better both of my PB’s.

The Plan: Well, obviously I’m driving from Dunedin to Christchurch. This is typically a 4 hour drive but with the addition of 30+ caches along the way I’m estimating 6 to 7 hours plus. This called for a re-read of my Geocaching with Preschoolers post from a while back. The majority of caches planned are drive-by on the road we will be travelling. I have planned a handful of caches that require us to get out and have a short walk – a great way to take a break from driving and a nice change of scene for the little one.

But there will be quite a bit of time in the car and Master 3 won’t be getting out for all of the caches. To combat the likely frustration with this I will be focusing on one old and one new technique. The former is, of course, snackage…and lots of it. The second is the world’s latest child attention grabber – the iPad. Loaded up with new age-appropriate games and books I’m hoping this will provide hours of fun for the little man in the back seat.

The Blackberry will take second chair in the navigation role today as I elevate the eTrex to Main Navigation Aid. This is largely so I can keep the Blackberry’s batteries fresh for the all important phone calls home and also so I can update our progress from the field. So stay tuned!


  1. kjwx

    UPDATE: Cumbyrocks and Cumbyrocks Junior No 2 have just advised their successful completion of 19 of the 28 caches they attempted on today’s road trip to Christchurch. kjwx is spitting tacks.

  2. H

    Good Luck with the challenge! I cache daily with my 1 year old and am joined by my 6 year old at the weekends. We always assume they can walk 1 mile per year of age. As a five year old, she clocked 5 miles and 30 caches in one day which she was delighted about. When she hit her 1000th cache she had grand plans of celebrating with a series in the UK called The Chiltern 100…100 caches and 22 miles of walking. I drew the line then…mainly for my own physical well being!

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