One Man’s Carrot And Stick Approach

Dutch geocacher Willem Heeringa is sticking with his lucky number – 10,000 – as he attempts his latest goal.

After logging his 10,000th find on 10-10-10, his friends gifted him an engraved achievement geocoin. And it’s this trackable that Heeringa (GC handle: Wilxlii Carrotte) hopes will bring more success as he works on getting it discovered by 10,000 geocachers.

On the listing page for TB2KK9T, the retired Delft resident has included several close-up shots of his coin so that visitors can see its tracking number for themselves.

His accompanying English blurb explains: “I have put the coin virtually in the cache GC2F8Z5 In De Voetsporen Van Carrotte. In reality, the coin is nice at my home or accompanies me during geocaching.

“You don’t have to visit the cache in order to discover this coin. Do me a favour and tell other geocachers of this goal. The number can be found at one of the pictures below. God save the queen and discover this coin!”

But Heeringa, who took up geocaching in April 2003 and is currently on 11990 finds, isn’t expecting to reach his target quickly.

He told It’s Not About The Numbers: “It can take quite a long time before this goal is reached. I have now nearly 900 logs in eight months … It is difficult to reach other cachers. I have tried Facebook and Hyves [a popular social networking site in the Netherlands]. Most cachers like the idea, I think.”

Comments left by previous loggers reflect this sentiment, best summed up by Team PeEr: “[A] beautiful coin in honour of your 10k find. That is a huge milestone. I wonder if 10,000 coin discoveries will go just as fast.”

Interesting, Heeringa’s GC handle continues his fondness for numbers: Wil for his name; xlii for 1942, the year he was born. He also notes that the number 42 in binary is 101010 – the date of his landmark find.

You can read more about his geo-experiences and reflections on reaching 10,000 finds on his personal blog, Carrotte Logs.

* kjwx was the 897th person to log Heeringa’s geocoin. Help him reach his goal by discovering it yourself here.


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  1. P.J.

    An interesting goal for sure. I discovered it. Hopefully others will, too!

  2. Papa

    Guwapo made it 955!!

  3. ErikaJean

    I was under the impression that making our TB virtual – wasn’t really allowed. Not 100% sure I will have to double check…

  4. ErikaJean

    well shoot, I dont think that was the right link… but anyway – I had wanted one for my blog an looked into it once upon a time and decided it wasn’t allowed. But I have no proof. Still a cool Idea though – I wish him the best of luck!

  5. kjwx

    Maybe you meant this link, Erika?
    (See Eartha’s post at the bottom of the page)

    Personally, I think Groundspeak’s rules are one big mass of contradictions, and if you can manipulate them to suit your plans, then good luck to you. After all, our hobby thrives when we players are at our most creative.

    Unless the big frog scraps all the caches/TBs/situations still operating under GC.com’s previous guidelines, there will always be an unfair advantage to some members.

    But in the case of virtual geocoins such as this, what’s the harm? Heeringa’s goal isn’t hurting anyone. And those that do object are under no obligation to discover his trackable or help this quest.

    A quick Google search reveals dozens of other such virtual trackables – though, IMHO, none of their goals are as valid as that of Heeringa – who has already shown his complete devotion to geocaching, and now deserves our support in return.

  6. Clan Riffster

    Groundspeak has demonstrated many times over the years that they do not approve of virtual coin logging. Groundspeak believes that their servers should be reserved for tracking actual coin travels, as opposed to someone posting a picture so others can grab it. When they become aware of it, and see that a coin owner is not taking steps to prevent it, they will lock the coin page so no one else can log it. It doesn’t matter if you think it causes harm or not. It’s what Groundspeak does. (Or, at least, that’s what they’ve done in the past)

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