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Back in November I set my goals for 2010/11 (my year runs by my caching start date) and now that we’re just over halfway through I thought I should keep myself honest and give an update…this is not going to be pretty.

My goals as outlined in the original post are below. The comments in red are my update and the green ones are my prediction on the likelihood of achievement.

Make it to 1000 total finds: 425 to go. This may be a bigger ask that it initially seems. My 575 this year included 350+ local caches. Having to travel further afield to find the caches limits available caching time and a third Cumbyrocks Jnr arriving early in the year will add to the difficulty of this. When I look at the numbers I think I can do it and hopefully I won’t have to rely on too many binge trips to make it happen.
Hmmm, this is proving to be harder than first anticipated. The Scot in me doesn’t want to pay the petrol for the caching trips and I don’t have the numbers left locally to get my find rate up. Only 94 found since I set this goal (pathetic isn’t it!?!) so I’m going to have to pick up the rate a bit. I have been a little more focused on getting some of the more obscure local caches rather than building cache numbers and I must admit to enjoying that style of caching more. So I’m not too fussed about getting to the goal really. Still, it would be a nice achievement and perhaps being underpressure will motivate me to get out and squeese some more caching in. Prediction: Not likely to achieve but will give it a good go and likely to come close.

Find all caches within 50km of home: Given I haven’t managed to do that for 10km this year this is another lofty goal. In saying that there are only 90 odd (presently) to find, so hopefully it is possible. I should have more opportunities to go after the more remote caches that take a few hours of walking to get. This is another interesting one. There are currently 95 caches to go within 50km of home. The closer ones mostly involve good sized walks, some would have to be a full day or overnight stay (for example the Silverpeaks caches). The ones further afield are not so tricky to reach and I should have a good crack at them on the many binge trips I’m planning to try and complete my quest to get 1000 caches. Prediction: As above, likely to fall just short of the mark after giving it a good go. I suspect caches like the two on the Mangatuas will prove the ones that prevent me from reaching my goal as I will run out of available weekends to spend the time.

To achieve 65 difficulty/terrain combinations: Currently on 52. Yet to run a report and narrow down which caches will get me there so hopefully this is not setting the bar too high. Without looking into this goal any further I have risen to 57 combinations – not bad considering I’ve only found 94 caches since then! I may leave this one a few more months and see how it is looking after I’ve found a few more caches before setting some targets. Prediction: Should achieve.

To place 15 caches: Gotta keep that karma rating up! This would also take my total active placed caches to 30. Not going too badly on this one. I’ve placed seven so far this year, so only another eight to place. I have a wee powertrail planned that would get me easily up to the target but will likely focus on placing caches out on some of the other longer walks I’ll be doing. Prediction: On track to achieve.

To find a cache above 1000 metres: probably not a hard thing if I travel inland. Will re-evaluate if it turns out to be too easy. Well, I’m certainly not reevaluating. The nearest is about 57km away and the walk is not too long or arduous. However it will be a race against the weather and time to make it happen. I am aiming for one of the Rock and Pillar caches (GC1AHK7 or GC1B0G5) but it is not likely I will get out that way before the area is covered in snow and I will need to hope it is clear before my time is up. Prediction: Too close to call.

To run an event cache Still have to get off my butt and make this happen. Not hard to achieve, a given really.

To run a CITO event As above!

To find 30 in one day: not a huge number to go after if it’s a solo effort. My current highest is 22 and that was with kids in tow. I set thirty because I think trying to find more would kill the enjoyment for me. Currently I need to find 66 caches a month to make my 1000 so a few days of 30+ would certainly help. Will certainly plan one trip to achieve this. Prediction: Should make it easy.

So my darling sis kjwx tells me hers are not looking too bad – I’ll look forward to seeing them!



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  1. Adventuretharon says:

    June 12, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Some good points………..

    Red, green, blue……..what is color between friends if you can read!!!

  2. Dodger says:

    June 13, 2011 at 12:22 am

    “Only 94 found since I set this goal (pathetic isn’t it!?!) so I’m going to have to pick up the rate a bit…”

    No worries. After all, It’s Not About the Numbers, right?

  3. Cumbyrocks says:

    June 15, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Lol – too true. However, you can view the numbers as a ratio of my happiness. The more I geocache the happier I am. By this years total it indicates I’m pretty miserable…which sounds like a good mental health excuse to geocache more!

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