End Of The Yellow Legend: Garmin Revamps the Etrex

Yes, it’s true. That little yellow friend that you first started geocaching with and who has likely been your backup GPS for the last few years has decided to retire…or rather the Garmin Gods have decided to replace it with a long overdue revamp. It is both a sad and joyous occasion.

Sad because the little yellow eTrex has been our friend and geocaching stalwart for such a long time. It is still one of the best entry level GPSr’s for geocaching and must have allowed thousands of people to get into the game. The advancement of GPS technology, particularly paperless caching, and the evolution of mobile phones into GPS units must have seen a decline in the demand for little yellow. In my short time caching I have been surprised at the sheer number of them that are about, though like the one I purchased they are mostly confined to the backpack as the backup GPSr. And for good reason – they are only any bloody good if you are standing in the middle of a football pitch.

So as sad as it is it is joyous that Garmin have decided to upgrade the eTrex and give us a cheap and easy GPSr to lead a new generation of cachers into the wild. Despite the rapid (or should that be rabid?) influx of mobile phones with GPS there will always be a need for a dedicated GPSr. Really, who wants to be reliant on their mobile? Not even I, the cacher in love with his Blackberry Bold with Cachesense (arguably still the best caching solution IMHO). So the sexy new design of the new eTrex, along with the addition of paperless caching to it functions, is very very welcome.

Those interested in reviews with more details should check out the official Garmin site or over at GPStracklog.

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