Would You Like Your Cache Crispy or Original?

Kjwx stumbled across this weird and wacky phenomenon just outside of Area 51.  It seems that dear old Colonel Sanders is the first corporate logo visible from space. The Register reports:

The pic of the Colonel comprises 65,000 one-foot-square painted tiles laid out on a plot near Rachel, Nevada. Gone is Sanders’ traditional suit, replaced by a with-it and happening red apron.

I wonder if the staff who scored the job of laying all those tiles out were paid minimum wage?

Black helicopter aficionados among you will know that Rachel lies east of Area 51, and KFC big cheese Gregg Dedrick duly said in a statement: “If there are extraterrestrials in outer space, KFC wants to become their restaurant of choice.” He added: “If we hear back from a life form in space today – whether NASA astronauts or a signal from some life form on Mars – we’ll send up some Original Recipe Chicken.”

Can campylobactor survive in outer space?

Geocachers will be pleased to know that there is also a cache nearby, GC27DG9 Aliens Taste Like Chicken. And if you happening to be passing through at the end of August there is an event on the 26th at the nearby Little A’Le’Inn (GC2WK80 Alien Search Party 2).

Hopefully the cache isn’t a tribute to the latest KFC burger, the Double Down. A toy sandwiched between two log books would be a nice soggy mess!

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