Sometimes Geocaching Is Dangerous…

and sometimes people get hurt. One such case is Zachary Underwood aka tz2008u. Recently Zach had a boulder fall on him whilst geocaching and now friends are trying to raise money to help him pay his medical bills.

The money collected will go towards… Hospital, starflight and other bills incurred by his geocaching accident. A boulder fell on him resulting in 13 broken ribs, ruptured his spleen — which was removed — and lacerated liver. Apparently his scooter was also stolen from the scene of the accident.

If you want to donate money to help Zach out you can go to Go Fund Me site set up for him.

You could also try one of the following ideas to help out…

Spreading the word by sharing this link with friends, on forums, and requesting the local news run stories about his need(s). If anyone has ideas for corporate or non-profit sponsors please let me know.

Here’s hoping you get well soon Zach!

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