Random Thoughts…

Pondering all the important geo-questions

Pondering all the important geo-questions

Sitting in a hospital room killing time with my son and had the following random thoughts…

If a geocache in the woods is muggled does anyone hear it scream?

Is a no longer active geocacher a lapsed-cacher?

And are their caches then geo-orphans?

When does a muggle cease being a muggle? When they find out about caching or when they find their first cache? (Or when they have their first account… And does an opencaching.com account count!?!

How long until someone invents the electronic cache, where there is no paper log book but an electronic recording system that talks directly with GPS units and automatically registers the find with GC.com?

Have I had too much coffee?

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  1. dogsout

    I like the idea of electronic recording. I thought that is what I’d find on Opencaching; a list of people who have found the cache site/coordinates.

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