R.I.P Common Decency

Recently I commented on the unwelcome addition to geocaching, the Cache Troll. Today I am sad to report that the CO has been unable to continue managing the harassment and threats in this matter and has elected to archive the cache. To make it clear – the CO did not archive the cache because they were convinced this cache should be archived but because they were bullied and harassed into doing so. By one sole person with no support from others.

I am frankly appalled at the disgusting behaviour this cache troll has displayed and my heart goes out to the CO’s who had to deal with it. I did intend label this troll as the Titiwhai Harawira of Dunedin geocaching, however I suspect that may be taken as a compliment. And rather than resort to name calling I’m going to put all this into perspective.

I had the privilege last night of attending a grief meeting for the death of a 23 year old heart transplant recipient. This young man had lived for most of his life with pain and disability. A donor heart he received nearly 12 months ago had allowed him to finally start to live  and for the last 4 months he had been able to experience life as a university student. His family and friends have described him as a wonderful young man full of love and always with a big smile. Those that knew him have expressed that the lesson he leaves us with is to always live life as much as you can. In his limited time of health he made the most of his life and strived to be the best person he could be. His family were comforted by the fact they witnessed their boy begin to turn into a man.

How does this relate to cache trolls? It is a reminder that there are ways of living that show humility, respect and love to our fellow man. Surely these things are the pinnacle of being the best you can be and living life to the full? There is no need for the bullying and threats. Sure it  increases your chance of winning but no man who behaves like this has ever been hailed as a great or respected man in death. I would think it extremely sad to be remembered as a bully and a tyrant, especially as there are ways of doing things (and disagreeing with people) that don’t require these. And right now who has really won? No one, not even you.

It is my greatest hope that somewhere in the darkness of this hollow victory the light of understanding would begin to shine through and that we would never see another episode of this kind in our parts again.



  1. AdventureTharon

    Well…..what can be said about this????? Sad it had to happen. I visited Aramoana on a few occasions but has never been down to that point. So when a cache was placed that was a excuse for me to go down and see what is there.

    So……. that leaves it open for another cache by some one else then????

  2. Adventuretharon


    GC104TQ" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC104TQ

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