Entering The Chasm

I don’t often post on a specific cache but I recently took part in a cache adventure that I thought was well worth sharing. A small group of us decided to attempt ‘Coastal Rambles 2: Mystery in the Chasm (GC11HWQ)’, a cache with 4 1/2 stars for terrain by Eli the Moose. Having read up on it we were suitably daunted by the task ahead of us but soon discovered that it was more a case of controlling our fears. What did greet us were the most amazing views and places. I suspect quite a number of people have been put off the cache by the write up but suspect they would be more interested if they had a glimpse of what it was like. The following are a number of photos taken by our group on this trip. Sorry, all photos containing spoilers on the mystery have been excluded!

The first photo is the view South West along the peninsula. To the right and just out of picture is the point you start to descend.

The top of the Chasm. One wouldn’t like to go to close to the edge here…

Especially when you look down and see how far there is to fall!

Beginning the descent…

Trying to find the way into the Chasm…

Looking back up from the bottom.

Sidling along to the ‘mystery’

Looking back out of the Chasm

There lives the Taniwha!

On the other side of this wee headland were about 20 surfers.

Spotted from up high (but not visible in this photo) were what looked to be baby seals playing in the rocks pools (left of picture) and adult seals having a play (?) fight on the small cliffs above.

Success! Cache found and signing the log book.



  1. GSV

    That was one of my favourites too. Although it ,strong>was well beyond my comfort zone, sidling around the bluff before getting to the final cache!

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Really? That point was a sense of relief for me after the climb down as all of the sharp drop offs had gone. I possibly made the first part harder by trying to sidle round too early! Much much easier than the exit for Coastal Rambles 1 as well.

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