Are you a Cache Troll?

For some months I’ve been wanting to write about the controversy over a cache and in particular the behaviour of the main antagonist in the saga. I’ve avoided doing so because blatantly drawing attention to the problem is only going to give the antagonist what they want and not actually help resolve the problem. And I don’t intend to name names or places here today for exactly that reason, however I can no longer avoid having an anonymous rant about personal behaviour.

It is timely that one of the blogs I follow, Firenices Caching and Reviewing blog, has a post about appealing and reporting caches. Reading this and nodding along to the various methods available to cachers for appealing and reporting caches really got my blood boiling.

I’m not concerned about people debating differences of opinion or highlighting concerns over a cache or its placement. That is a healthy thing in my mind. The dispute over the cache concerned is superfluous to my rant I will avoid discussing it. What concerns me is heavy handed, bulling tactics by someone with a God complex.

In the case I am so carefully avoiding giving you any information about we have seen a basic lack of common courtesy in raising the concerns, failure to properly work with the gc.com options available, open threats to go to various higher authorities and then following through on that before the matter has been discussed. And when a resolution is obtained between the CO, land owners and officials there were veiled accusations of lying and then further threats to take the issue to even more authorities.

I’d love to go into great detail and give lots of examples of the issues, but the cache is not important here the behaviour of the antagonist is.  This person has behaved like a bully and from my point of view is not fighting for an environmental issue any more but is rather fighting to win and get what he wants.

From what I read it appears quite a number of regions throughout the world have someone like this. That painful bully boy who complains about everything and drops SBA notes at the drop of a hat. When they get on their high horse they really bug everyone about the place. Well it seems to me that most of the time these people just like being at the centre of the controversy and you view them any time by visiting various forums (though beware they move around a lot after they have completely worn out any patience other forums users had through their behaviour). Fortunately the number of this type seem to be quite low and that is perhaps testament to the kind and caring nature of geocachers.

However, they deserve a name and I believe it should be ‘Cache Trolls’. Derived from the term used to describe online antagonists one should also keep firmly in mind the tail of the Billy Goats Gruff, or rather the troll from those tails. These people do not seriously wish to see their stated end goal obtained, they thrive on the controversy they create and from the satisfaction of labelling themselves the misunderstood victim. Ultimately they are the warty, smelly dweller under the bridge that we all dream of releasing the biggest Billy Goat on.

I mean really, why can’t we just all be nice and get along? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Anyhow, there goes my rant, which I hope didn’t offend anyone. Now that I have that off my chest (unlike this nasty cough, sympathy please 🙂 ) I can move onto other things.


  1. Stinger503

    I hate cache trolls, it’s why I don’t go onto the geocaching.com forums too often.

  2. Papa

    Know this troll!! Couldn’t have ranted better if I tried.

  3. Red Panda

    One of the pleasant aspects of geocaching is the crowd that it attracts, the vast majority of whom in my experience are very nice folk who are welcoming and inclusive. Even more reason to try and freeze out the odd Cache Troll. Well done on the rant.

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