Multi Satellite System Units Are Here…

A report from the BBC on the new Russian smartphone that can access both the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems has suggested the price is currently too high and there may not be great consumer interest in it.

When the MTS Glonass 945 Android device hit the stores earlier this month it was dubbed “Russia’s answer to iPhone”.

But the first ever handset able to receive signals from both GPS and the rival Glonass satellite positioning system appears to be leaving consumers underwhelmed.

Some have blamed its 11,000 roubles (£237) price tag. Others question why normal phone owners would need multiple positioning technologies.

Why else do we want that second biscuit with our cup of tea? Because it makes up feel good. More is better (just like bigger is better…in cache size).

“There is absolutely no interest in the device from the mass consumer – there is a multitude of analogous products on the market that support GPS only, and are much cheaper,” said analyst Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Research Group.

“The key point is, a consumer doesn’t care if it’s GPS or GPS-Glonass, they get their coordinates in either case – so why pay more?”
Great question…why pay more?
However, Valeriya Kuzmenko from the phone network MTS disagrees: “The positioning coordinates are more precise, and it is especially important in city areas with many buildings, as well as out in the wild.
Something every geocacher wants – greater precision in our coordinates. The problem with this is that until the majority of others are using a similarly accurate system then it is really of no use to geocachers. A cache planted with a GPS/GLONASS will likely be no easier to find with your GPS only Garmin eTrex due to the variances between GPS types.
AFK Sistema, the company that promotes Glonass, said that many major world mobile phone brands were already in talks with Russia about the mass production of hand-held devices enabled with both navigation systems.
Yay and WHAT!?! Sistema? Aren’t they the NZ makers of that plastic fantastic the lock n lock container? Is there some great conspiracy here to ultimately sell more plastic containers by increasing the number of geocachers in Russia!?! As you’ve already figured out that is complete rubbish with absolutely no basis in fact. But isn’t that the essence of a good conspiracy theory?
In future, Russia says Glonass will also work hand in hand with the European Union’s Galileo and China’s Compass network, when these two navigation systems are complete.
Wow, that could be one powerful system. Lets hope Dr Evil doesn’t get his hands on it.

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