Geocachers Find Change Hard, Miss Smilies

I haven’t be doing a lot cache wise lately and I have just returned to active geocaching service. The first thing I noticed was the disapperance of the personalisation on the google maps view on Geocaching.com. From what I read GC.com have some performance issues with regards to upgrades that are causing issues with the mapping. So in an effort to alleviate the issue they have turned off personalisation on the good ‘ol google maps and directed people wanting personalisation to use the beta maps. There is a suggestion on the feedback forum to have the smilies turned back on the old map that has 260+ comments so far. It seems geocachers like their old map and the smilies.

The official word from Moun10bike on the forum is:

Please understand that we had to turn off personalization features on the map temporarily due to the fact that the feature is very hard on our servers and we are experiencing record traffic on the site.

There is plenty of user comments on the forum and they are well worth checking out to get an understanding of the issues and concerns.

From where I sit I find it all a little too convenient that a performance issue has forced gc.com to turn off personalisation and redirect people to the beta map. If you were wanting to get more people using the beta map and get used to it before it replaces the old google map then this is surely a good way to do it.

Frankly I don’t blame them if this is the case. On the whole it seems that the outdoors loving geocachers are a conservative bunch who are a little adverse to change. If we haven’t welcomed the new maps with open arms then perhaps a nudge in that direction is what we need.

And if this is a mistake, a serious of unfortunate update errors that have create a problem, then maybe there should be sympathy for them. Not everything can go perfectly and it seems they do try pretty hard to keep as many people happy as possible.


  1. SSeegars

    I would have to go with going easy on GC.com. I come to this from the fact that when there was a fire in the server room several years ago, Jeremy took it upon himself to reach out to us through Twitter, the only way he could. I thought that was VERY decent of him. As I remember it was a big caching weekend as well.

  2. GeoJen

    I think you are probably right and this is their way of forcing everyone to give the beta maps a try. After I played around with it a bit over the weekend, I do like the new features on the beta map though.

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