The Politics Of Geocaching

A good friend of mine, Mr Paul Foster-Bell, was recently selected as the National Party candidate for the Wellington Central electorate in the NZ national elections. Paul is one of the most intelligent guys I have met (and I work for a university!) and he has a genuine interest in people. He is passionate about New Zealand would be a major asset to the country as a member of parliament. Unfortunately I don’t live in the Wellington Central electorate or I would vote for him. If you do you should seriously consider it.

Anyhow, I hear you saying “What does this shameless plug for your good mate (who happens to be the best thing to hit NZ politics since who knows when) have to do with geocaching?“. And I reply “Clearly you are a wise and¬†knowledgeable¬†individual who may be able to answer a question I am pondering“.

That question is: Are there any geocaching politicians?

Just like the existence of aliens I am sure there would be some, but do we know who they are? Anyone willing to share their inside info?



  1. Vik

    Is this really the best shot for National to win the electorate. Hasn’t Parliament had enough public servants? National and NZ need candidates with business acumen.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Well, clearly the National Party in Wellington Central felt Paul is the best candidate. Having looked over the other candidates I agree with them. NZ and all our political parties need candidates who are going to work hard and be passionate about serving their country. Someone with a business background does not automatically qualify as a successful politician and I would almost always be critical of whether they can separate their interests from their political activity. What it boils down to is that there is no ‘perfect’ political candidate but you need to aim to have the people who are going to do the best job. Paul Foster is that man.

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