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There’s a new sheriff in town, Kiwi geocachers …

His name is GreenSpouts, a Flemish reviewer brought in to help New Zealand’s overworked overseers deal with a backlog of neglected caches that need archiving. Fittingly, the review has begun at the start of Groundspeak’s annual Cache In Trash Out promotion.

Local volunteer reviewer Zero Gravitas introduced the Belgium ring-in (that’s his avatar to the right) on the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society yesterday in a bid to disable possible alarm, saying: “Your local New Zealand reviewers have been a tad busy on real-life duties over the past multiple months and, as such, some of the housekeeping got a little neglected. So those geocache equivalents of dust-bunnies have been building up: caches that have been disabled for far too long.

“As real life continues to intrude, we’ve had to call in help from the larger pool of global reviewers. Please don’t be alarmed if you see a note from a reviewer whose name you may not recognise. They’re here at our request to give those owners who need a gentle nudge a reminder of their neglected duties.

“So the New Zealand reviewers say thanks in advance to Greensprouts.”

In reply, Greensprouts, who became a reviewer last October, said he was here to help a little “but feel free to ask me any questions you have, I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities”.

“Hope you don’t get offended, in any way, by my sweeping through, that is in no way my intention. Have fun out there in the most beautiful country of the world!”

True to the pair’s word, most Kiwi geocachers were greeted this morning by email notificiations advising that either one of their own caches or some of those on their watchlists were under review, sparking these comments on the society’s forum thread: “Serves me right, I guess … e-mail has already arrived”, and “From what I have seen, Greensprouts seems to have been ruthlessly efficient in their new role”.

Other locals were too busy repairing their least-loved hides to respond.

So here’s to an early geo-spring clean and more accurate Google Maps views of New Zealand’s caching communities …



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