Chasing Cache For Charity

Australian charity Big Brothers Big Sisters is cashing in on the growing popularity of geocaching with its new fundraiser.

This week the Melbourne youth mentoring scheme launched ‘Chase the Cache’, an event it describes as “a treasure hunt with a twist using state-of-the-art GPS technology” and the first of its kind in Australia.

In an effort to raise A$80,000, an expected 200 participants will chase 40 caches and cash sponsorship around the city’s Docklands area on May 22nd.

Big Brothers Big Sisters executive officer Tricia Ciampa says using the principles of geocaching, Chase the Cache is “a fast, interactive technology-based activity that has had wild success overseas”.

The fundraiser originated with its sister organisation in Canada two years ago and has been likened to hit TV show The Amazing Race – but Ms Ciampa says with its use of technology, “this event is now arguably the coolest treasure hunt since Captain Jack Sparrow was around”.

“After the success of the event run by our colleagues in Canada, we hope this will become one of the benchmark charity events in Australia.

“The 50 teams will use portable GPS units preloaded with co-ordinate information. Teams will only have two hours to locate the caches, which are small plastic boxes with points assigned to their discovery.”

Prizes will be awarded to the team which raises the most amount of money and whoever accumulates the most points during the competition.

Ms Ciampa says having seen the creation of so many clever charity events in Melbourne, Big Brothers Big Sisters wanted “to deliver something fresh and exciting” as its new signature fundraiser.

“We already had a number of teams signed up before we launched, so we are confident we will raise our target of A$80,000.”

According to its Facebook page, Chase the Cache has so far collected A$1000 – “A$79,000 to reach our target” – courtesy of the three teams registered. They are No Map Needed (A$685), Superslouths (A$30) and Game On (A$230).

Melbourne webstore Geostuff is among those providing geo-expertise for the event, with owners Carl and Deb hiding at least 10 of the competition caches.  “The paint is drying on some of the containers in our garage right now.”

* Register your own team of four people at Chase the Cache. Although strictly limited to 50 teams, the event is suitable for all ages and welcomes both corporate and family entries. You can sponsor a team here.


  1. Brian Mcgonagill

    I think this is an amazing idea. I would love to get more information. I work for a company that is very involved in charity work, and I would love to see if I could get the company along with many others in my area to sponsor such an event. I would like to get as much information about planning, setup, how the donations are received, and ideas on ways to increase donation amounts.

    I can be contacted at the email provided. Keep up the great work.

    1. Roberta

      Hi Brian

      We would love to work with you and your team

      Please accept my apologies for the lateness of the reply – still learning!

      Please email me at roberta.steuart@bbbs.org.au and lets chat!

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