Read ‘em and weep, Cumbyrocks …

Today I got a box of Opencaching goodies in the mail – much like the parcel American blogger OX Cacher received all those months ago, inspiring my geo-sibling’s plaintiff e-plea to Garmin.

Once opened, my own cache turned out to hold Opencaching caps, lanyards, pins, stickers and … some of the listing service’s rare, new Opie pathtags. But, to be honest, its contents are actually for you, our readers. We’ll be giving away all of this merchandise over the next few weeks, so keep checking in for your chance to win.

* While on the subject of OX Cacher, he’s now offering some great OC.com logsheets and stash notes for players to download for free.

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  1. GSV

    Why does the phrase “Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.” spring to mind?

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