Bearing With Geo-Celebrity

American geocacher Titus Haynes tells It’s Not About the Numbers about his famous team-mate, Barry The Geocaching Bear:

“Barry was born on March 31st, 2007. My spouse Nerae and I had found exactly eight geocaches before that time. March 31st was her birthday and I purchased her a US$50 gift certificate at a new Build-A-Bear Workshop in our hometown of Haughton, Louisiana. We decided to go there on her birthday and, well – build a bear.

We quickly found a T-shirt with a treasure map on it; that set the tone for our furry friend. Next came some denim jeans. The outfit was finished off with tennis shoes, socks, underwear and a baseball cap. The store’s sales clerk asked us to pick a name for the birth certificate. We had never thought of that; within a few minutes we picked out the name Barry and, of course, the last name Bear.

On the way home, we went to a park near our house that had a cache on a hiking trail. It was an ammo box. We found that cache and came home. While logging the find, I said we located it with ‘Barry the Geocaching Bear’.  This was the first time I had thought of him as being a geocaching bear, and thus a legend was born.

Later, Barry gained a backpack for carrying geoswag and when my spouse got some hiking boots, Barry had to have a pair as well. From day one, he came with us to every cache.  When taking photos of such things as park entrance signs or historical markers, Barry would jump in front of the camera, hogging all the frame.  We soon started printing business cards with Barry’s photo on them and dropping them in caches.  He signs every one of them. I figure there’s several thousand of them out there some place.

We have been at cache sites, with Barry sitting on our cache-mobile, where people would stop to say, ‘That’s Barry.  Who are you?’ At events he gets to hug all of the girls and have his photo taken a lot with other geocachers. It seems that everyone knows Barry.  If we let someone hold him, it is hard to get them to let him go.

Barry has a cousin named ‘Bertha the Geocaching Bear’ who lives with my daughter.  Bertha came into the family in August 2007 as an adoptee.  Since our daughter lives 1350 miles away, the pair do not get to go geocaching together often.

One of Barry’s friends who does join us occasionally is ‘Super Bear’. His X-ray vision really comes in handy on those tough caches. It’s odd, though, that Barry and Super Bear have never been seen together. No one has ever seen Super Bear with his mask off so we don’t know who he is in real life. It is said that Super Bear: can leap a small building with a running start; is more powerful than a switch engine; and, is faster than a BB.

Barry has been known to say things in logs that I personally would never say. Somehow he gets away with it. He, of course, does not like DNFs. Barry complains that we humans will lay around until 4am on a Saturday when there are geocaches to be found. ‘So many caches, so little time’ is his favorite saying.

Barry has been a big part of our lives and he will continue to inspire geocachers everywhere. Together, we cache under the name of TitusLlewelyn, which is my first and middle names merged.

You can look on Geocaching.com for more photos in our gallery and our statistics.  Barry Bear is also on Facebook.”

* Do you cache with your own cuddly pal? Tell us about your adventures together.


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  1. Sandy LaFerriere

    Beary!!! It’s wonderful to see you again and hear about all your adventures. You are truly an inspiration my fuzzy little friend. By the way, you are as handsome as ever, has to be all that exercise and fresh air….not to mention all the HUGS you get from pretty girls!!! OH!!! Say hello to your Louisiana friends for me too, will ya?

    xxx Sandy L.

  2. Brenda Shirey aka Sequoia_2

    I remember when I first met Barry at an event I held back in 2007. I have been caching with him and his humans several times since then. He has often beat us to a FTF also.

  3. Bobby Shirey

    Me and my family know Barry,he’s a kewl little dude and quick to find the caches,heck i think he was FTF on all ours..and luvs to hug all the gurls when he sees them..I think i got a pic or two of me and Barry,you go Barry..

  4. kjwx

    I was going to say that Barry’s obviously a real ladies bear, but you’ve just proved me wrong Bobby …

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