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and no, I don’t mean because I want to geo-vomit. Quite the opposite in fact. I want to downright rave about a new geocache database app for the iPad and iPhone that was released at the end of March – The Geobucket.

This app is designed to be a cache description database that can display downloaded caches on it’s inbuilt map function. From the app description:

The application has a My Map view where the downloaded caches are shown. Click a cache and there will be two actions available in the description. The i button on the left shows details of the cache and the > arrow on the right shows details from geocaching.com if internet connection is available.

The cache descriptions are stored in the iPad/iPhone memory and you can go caching without a constant internet connection.

Excellent stuff. The design is nice and simple (though isn’t everything Mac simple!?!) and there are some neat wee inclusions, such as being able to hide your found caches by ticking the box in the map selection area.

But I said I wanted to rave about this app and here is why. Downright the best thing about it is the incredibly easy method of downloading caches onto the iPad.

There are multiple ways to get cache descriptions to the application.
– You can download geocache descriptions via pocket queries using the embedded web browser in the Browse tab of the application.
– You can download individual cache descriptions directly from www.geocaching.com with the Safari web browser or the embedded web browser.
– You can click the pocket query zip file in the mail application and open the zip directly to the application.

Within 5 minutes I had over 2000 caches from the South Island of New Zealand loaded and ready to go. That done by simply running my standard PQ’s  and clicking on them to download. The app automatically installed them into the app and within moments the cache details were loaded.

Why is the ease of download so important I hear you ask? Because on the go or travelling you don’t always have access to your PC or other technology required to download everything. With this you can sit in the wireless hotspot (or wherever you want if you have 3G) and within moments have the details of the caches all around you. When you have internet access the app locates your position on the map and allows you to grab the coordinates of any map point showing – so you can easily run a PQ on the area.

So yes, I think it is excellent. But no, it’s not yet perfect. I have previously reviewed the iPad and available apps for geocaching and some of them contain features that I really enjoy and which might be nifty additions to the Geobucket. I also have to add that from my usage so far it is best to reboot the iPad if you have it loaded up with thousands of caches or it seems to run out of memory and shut down.

The best thing – like the other apps I reviewed this app is free so download it and give it a try!




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  1. Guwapo says:

    April 19, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Just downloaded and installed on an iPhone 3G. Seems like a much easier way to get caches on to an iPhone than saving them as favorites in the Groundspeak app. The browser experience on the iPhone wasn’t the greatest but this could be a good addition to the impromptu caching toolkit. Thanks for highlighting it.


  2. mightyclaus says:

    May 27, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I downloaded the app, and it really seems to be a nice tool. But I can’t log in to my geocaching.com account through the built-in browser? Anyone else had this problem?

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